Technology in Sports, Big Changes and Improvements for the Sector

Technology does not discriminate any sector and the world of sports is greatly benefited by the progress of it. This is something that can be seen in many examples that we will be detailing in future occasions and that will allow us to see how the sport can change and improve thanks to technological advances.

Contextualization, technology and sport increasingly united

There are numerous technological inventions that are applied to the sports sector with success and that benefit when it comes to enjoying this type of activity. In the world of tennis, for example, falcon eye cameras are used to create a three-dimensional map of the track with the intention of checking where the ball has fallen and knowing exactly what has been the path that has followed. Little by little, this type of technological innovation means that sports are more precise and provide a higher level of competitiveness.

The technologies applied to sports

Some of the most beneficial technologies for sport include:

  • Thermography
  • High speed cameras
  • Artificial vision systems
  • Free dimensional
  • Reactivity of materials
  • Robotics
  • Measurement equipment


Sports medicine is the one that uses thermography to bring the safety and protection of athletes to a new level, since it allows to prevent all types of injuries. They are manageable technological equipment that can be taken anywhere and that help detect pain that would otherwise be difficult to diagnose. By detecting them early, injuries can be avoided, since it offers an image of what is happening inside the athletes’ bodies.

High speed cameras

Technological systems like GoalControl-4D, which applies very advanced cameras to the detection of movement, help to ensure that the results in sports are always accurate. This technology is applied to the World Cup in Brazil so that you can know at all times if the ball has entered under the sticks.

Artificial vision and robotics

The positive thing about this system is that it does not influence the ball or the goal, since their work focuses on processing the images. A set of highly accurate cameras record everything that happens in the goal and the data is transmitted to a computer for proper analysis.

Artificial vision system for biomechanical analysis

A technological combination with the latest in the market allows to monitor at all levels the participants in sports competitions, as in recent events. Cameras Mako and the InThePool 2.0 tool are responsible for capturing everything that happens on the field and analyze the information for the benefit of the organizers and even the coaches.

This information helps create a better experience in all aspects. The organizers of the competition can know to the millimeter what happens on the pitch thanks to artificial vision. The coaches will know the performance of each athlete and the journalists who broadcast the matches will also have more in-depth and complete information.

To achieve these results, high-performance cameras such as the Mako from Allied Vision Technologies and a good software such as InThePool will be in charge of working with the data provided by the images.

Free Dimensional

The FreeD system is a platform based on the application of an artificial vision system aimed at providing new ways to enjoy repetitions. It has been used in the Super Bowl and has achieved great results thanks to a combination of nothing more and nothing less than 36 cameras of a power of 20 megapixels, being Spark SP-20000 models of the company JAI.

These cameras are combined with a state-of-the-art algorithm to create an image map of everything that happens in the field without resting at any time. When the plays are over, they are recreated through the use of a virtual camera so that the spectators can enjoy the show in all its splendor.

Reactivity of materials

Technology also applies to the way in which new materials are created that allow athletes to have clothes that are more resistant to contact and to the speed of movement.


The robots help to test new sport movements and check the levels of tension that athletes could endure in certain practices. They do not suffer or complain, so they are perfect as a test field.

Measurement equipment

Technology and sport go beyond borders thanks to measurement systems based on 3D images that offer professionals and spectators everything they may need to know about sports.

These are just some of the demonstrations of how sport changes and evolves in a very positive way thanks to technological advances. Hope it has been interesting for you!