Wi-Fi Beacons… What are They?

The Wi-Fi Beacons

There is no greater pleasure in the 21st century than having free Wi-Fi when we are away from home and at a fairly good speed to use our Social Media or other mobile applications.

The Wi-Fi Beacon is a technology by which we will allow our users to access the internet through our local connection service in exchange for having to see our promotions.

It seems a fair deal, is not it? We can even use these beacons to enrich our Big Data and gather more data on the behavior of our users and customers to design campaigns with increasingly personalized products. Although I do not recommend asking for personal data from users since I am able to produce a negative effect on our image.

Beacons, Bluetooh technology

Another option that we can contemplate are the Beacons. These low consumption beacons do not need the end of our user’s mobile phone to be connected to the Internet.

They allow through Bluetooh to offer our products or promotions.

They have a coverage of about 50 meters, and do not require any update, download, or modification in the mobiles. It simply needs the installation of a small device in any physical point of our headquarters to be able to offer the information that we want to those people who approach a certain radio.

Some examples

Both Wi-Fi beacons and Beacons can be used in countless sectors.

  • At the tourist level for the promotion of cities, regions… Best places, most popular restaurants, most demanded activities …
  • In fashion stores, restaurants, supermarkets (in short, shopping centers); to offer promotions, discounts or proximity products.
  • As an information point of any institution or organization for our visits.
  • Help internal communication of companies for special events or relevant information.

They are not invasive tools because they do not consume Internet data of our users, they decide and authorize its use and do not leave any type of residue in the mobile device that may bother after its use.