What is the Profile that a Digital Director Should Have?

The role of the Digital Director or Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is still very unknown to most companies. The main mission is that of the digital transformation that has its roots in the strategy management and the change of the company. Only 20 % of medium-sized companies have hired a CDO to this day (2018).

Digital Director: what is the profile sought by companies?

The position of digital director has become a common profile in the recruitment and development of professional networks. These functions can be similar to those of “IT director” or “digital responsible”. However, according to Joblift (job search engine), recruitment ads on LinkedIn are few. A signal that the digital director was recruited mainly internally or hunted. The CDO is primarily a transformer and a quarterback in the management of change. These managers are very high profiles sought mainly by recruitment agencies. The profiles required in Europe resemble the white elephant, with a portfolio of general skills. The ads give an idea of ​​the required profile:

  • Strategic vision: the highest digital link made the connection between each member of the executive committee. It helps the digital transformation of the organization, both internally and externally.
  • A perfect command of English: 25% of the ads are written in English.
  • Integrated into the Executive Committee: the CDO becomes an ally of human resources to promote change and its key role in the Executive Committee, since it must assume the digital transformation of the organization as its own.
  • The CDO must be a true charismatic leader with the ability to convince and influence.
  • You need years of experience (25% of ads require more than 15 years).
  • The digital transformation also seems to be a matter of leadership, so the profile of the CDO has to contemplate digital competences.

Digital Director Vs Head of transformation

The role of the CDO is not only to identify or anticipate the consequences of the Digital Era in the activity of the company. Your goal goes further, to achieve change and become the leader.

It must be an emerging value within the organization that manages to extract the benefits and advantages of digitalization to the processes and structure of the company, but also to enhance the training, interest and training of digital skills and competencies in employees: “remember that the CDO must be a driving force, it must have leadership.”

The Digital Age in SMEs

The lack of a defined Digital Strategy probably explains this delay. Pierre Jouanne, Partner of EY (Ernst & Young) says in this regard:

“The results show that there is a significant delay in the digital transformation of companies. It is now when they begin to realize the importance of digital technology, but not all lessons have been learned, particularly with regard to training. “