Would you Like to Sell your Infoproducts Efficiently? Avoid these mistakes

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what you are doing wrong at the time of selling an infoproduct.

You have worked long hours in the creation of your infoproduct, on the sales page and in the promotion but nothing happens.

You do not see what you’re doing wrong, but time goes by and your infoproduct is still frozen.

Error # 1: Do not work under the demand of your audience

Your potential customers are no other than your ideal readers. You should never forget this, because if you do not lose perspective and you will create infoproducts that will not interest them.

Error # 2: a format is not purchased

The second most important error when creating an infoproduct is not understanding the motivations that a person has when buying it.

Many bloggers spend a lot of time and money to create the most spectacular format for their products, when the reality is that this will not affect sales or price.

A complex format will only cause you to disperse and waste time and money.

Your goal with your first infoproducts is to release them quickly and do it with the minimum viable format. And if that format is a PDF guide or a series of videos recorded with your webcam at home, better than better.

Error # 3: lack of clarity

The result of flooding the product with a lot of information and not targeted to the level to which it should be designed, makes that the client is overwhelmed.

You need to release for your customers a gradual and explained system step by step, which explains easily the way to reach the results they want.

Customers need to receive an effective method that they can export to their subject in an easy way. Everything else are complications that makes you waste your time.

Error # 4: only sold at launch

Another big mistake is promoting the infoproducts at the time of launch.

Due to this lack of strategy you will manage to sell them during the first days but never again.

Your objective has to be to sell automatically without you being present and gaining the confidence of your clients by releasing a high quality material.

You have to start selling as soon as possible.

How to overcome these 4 problems and sell your infoproducts as of today

And now we will see how to reverse the situation.

All problems have solutions, you just need the attitude to tackle them

Solution # 1: Investigate the needs of your audience

As soon as you have recovered your normal vision as a blogger, your focus should be on finding what your audience needs.

I give you a Fast Track methodology:

  • Read the comments of your blog: many people do not give importance to the comments when they are an incredible source to detect topics that interest your readers.
  • Check your old emails: sure you’ve received a few emails with questions about how to perform a certain task. Is there a topic that predominates?
  • Ask in your newsletters: add questions to your readers in your emails. The more segmented you have the list, the more concrete the answers will be.

Another very common mistake at this time is not to verify the ideas we have extracted when investigating our audience.

Never forget that we are talking about people, so their needs have changed over time. And what you need is an infoproduct that solves a problem they have today. Not one they had months ago.

That’s why you always have to confirm that your ideas are valid and current. For this, there is nothing better than conducting a survey.

Create a form with Google Form and send it to your subscribers.

Keep in mind that you need to have a high number of answers so that you can consider your hypothesis as valid. If, at least, you do not get 100 answers … the risk of making a mistake is still high.

“Your infoproducts must be born from your audience and not from your imagination”.

Solution nº 2: answers are purchased, not formats

What is the reason why a person buys an infoproduct?

Because he has a problem and needs a quick and easy solution.

People want a system that they can apply and get the results you have obtained. No more no less. That is what sells.

The bigger the problem you are going to solve, or the greater the benefits that you will achieve thanks to buying your product, the more money you can ask for.

But do not fall into the error of exaggerating the advantages of your proposal or of promising more than what you can get. The buyer will feel cheated.

“People want a system that they can apply and get the results that you have obtained.”

Solution # 3: listen to your readers and improve your products

Before choosing the theme of your infoproduct, you need to investigate the needs of your audience. Now you have to do the same: you need your readers to test the product so you can improve it.

To do so you can apply 2 systems:

1. Make a presale

Before the launch, sell to your subscribers some units of your product with a good discount. In return they will explain your weak points and how you could improve it.

This is beneficial in several ways:

  • You can improve the product, which will give you more peace of mind.
  • You will know better the objections that a buyer may have.
  • By optimizing the product you can increase the price.

A pre-sale also gives you the option to generate income that you can take advantage of when the time comes to make the promotion (pay affiliates, campaigns in Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.).

2. Get in touch with your customers after the purchase

The feedback that a person who has already bought you gives you is information that is crucial.

Do not forget that you are generating a system. You are creating a method that every time you must optimize more.

Solution # 4: plan a sales strategy

The magic of selling infoproducts is in the system. In having a plan that takes you by the hand to your goals.

You have already chosen the correct theme for your infoproduct and you have created it based on covering a need. And you have done it with the most basic format and in the shortest possible time.

Now you have to sell: before, during and after.

In the previous section I mentioned the advantages of making a presale in order to improve the product and generate income to help you with the promotion.

But, what happens next? How do we do to sell after the launch?

Applying a sales funnel with an autoresponder.

Your autoresponder will be in charge of sustaining your sales system for an indefinite period of time. The process is simple:

  • You create a powerful Lead Magnet that converts readers into subscribers and is 100% aligned with the infoproduct.
  • You create a sequence of emails that “warms up” the new user, generating trust and preparing it for sale.
  • You send a last email similar to a sales letter. A sales letter where you end up with all the possible objections of the client and do not see another option to buy yourself.

You can sell more from today

All you need is to generate a useful product and integrate it into a system that allows you to sell automatically indefinitely.

Stop wasting time with questions that do not give you results and apply all the information I’ve taught you to create a method that you can apply over and over again.

The keys are to create something for your audience, in a simple format and with a promotion and sales strategy that thinks about the before, during and after.

What are you going to do to start selling your infoproducts?