Universal App, a New Way to Create Campaigns

A new universe to quickly and easily create application download campaigns, however, with various handicaps when it comes to learning about your campaign.

Now it is much easier to create application download campaigns to reach more users thanks to the Google network. It is as simple as searching through the name of the application the same within the list and add a text, bid, budget and languages ​​to determine in what market to show the ad.

From here, the system will do different combinations and will show the ad according to the bid criteria that we want to add, showing those that generate the best results.

Bid criteria:

  • Get ​​more downloads – New users for the application.
  • Promote the actions in the application that you have selected – That new users use the application.

The ads will begin to appear looking to achieve the goal of marked download and from here we can not know much more.

Where will my ads appear?

Exactly you will not know where. That is, your ads appear on the Google search network, Google Play, AdMob, GDN and Youtube. But you really will not know very well what criteria or why (apart from which according to Google works better).

The ability to make integrated strategies with Google search and Universal is done a little more uphill. While Google tells us that we can, we have seen in campaigns that the lists of audiences do not collect to re-impact search.

How can I make strategies combining Universal App?

Keep in mind that Google UA will only let you do this type of actions with the Android operating system.

The most optimal thing is to have a combined strategy. In such a way that you can do re-engagement actions. That is, if a user installs your application but does not use it, you can re-impact it through actions to be able to take it inside the application and use it.

The download lists can be used as if it were a list of remárketing and from here you only have to create your new re-engagement campaign.

Do I recommend using Universal App?

Considering that the future, already present, is radically changing the mobile and as a result the applications are an imminent reality, I think it is a good option and alternative when trying to download the application and see if users use it or not. Testing within the largest network in Spain a download action that also allows you to remember forgetful users who can do their tasks quickly and easily through applications designed for it, is something worthwhile.

Honestly, there is a very wide range of services to be able to work through an SDK and very efficiently obtain very good results of downloading and using the app in a deeper way and taking into account all operating systems. However, Google raises something simple with this release, which although limited to the Android environment, can be a portal for launching your app and a boost for your Search and Display campaigns within the Google network.

Find more information in this video:


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