From 0 to 100,000 € With a Blog, Step by Step

If you want to change your life, you will have to solve the economic aspect of this change of life.

First, you will have to finance your period of transition and then, you will have to manage to be able to live with dignity in this new life that you have designed for yourself.

How to start?

Maybe 100,000 euros is a figure you’ve never reached.

Maybe you think it is totally impossible.

And the truth is that it is not if you start with lower objectives.

5 stages to get to 6 figures per year, the recipe to go from 0 to 100000 euros.

First milestone: € 1,000 / year

It is a very affordable challenge.

Easy to get, if you like to show things to yourself.

Let’s say you’ve bet on a blog.

You speak in this blog of a series of concrete problems that a group of people has.

You decide to launch an eBook at € 27, for instance, to solve an important issue for your audience.

With 3 sales per month, for 12 months, you will reach this € 1,000 / year.

You do not need to write much but write with quality.

Assist your readers.

You can even set up a small autoresponder to maximize your sales activity and use a market solution to distribute your digital product in an automated way.

Google can get to position some of your pages well in their rankings, and you already have a 100% passive system of attraction and generation of sale.

I insist on the fact that the maintenance of your platform is minimal.

Obviously € 1000/year will not solve your life.

Second milestone: € 10,000 / year

You need to work a bit more to multiply your results by 10.

With 1 sale per day of your product to € 27, you will achieve this figure of € 10,000.

It is a totally feasible result.

You will have to be a bit more active in your generation of visits, a bit more active in building a network of relevant contacts in your niche, and surely write more systematically, one to two times a week.

365 sales per year at a conversion rate of 1%, you need about 36,500 visits / year.

About 3,000 visits / month. –> 100 visits / day.

I sincerely believe that the vast majority of those who launch in the cloud could reach this figure in the medium term (2 years maximum)

Third milestone: € 30,000 / year

The easiest way to reach this figure is to launch a new digital product, more advanced and complementary to the eBook.

A digital product at € 197.

If you sell 31 units of an eBook at € 27 per month.

It is likely that you can sell 9 units of your online course at € 197.

In this case, you would add 10,044 € with eBooks, and 21,276 € with online courses.

Goal achieved but, undoubtedly, it’s more work.

Remember that you are selling digital products with a system, not hours of your time.

You will see that your business has much more potential, because there will be customers who will ask for more services. Services that you can not deliver for lack of time at this time.

Fourth milestone: € 60,000 / year

This time you have to double sales.

The time has come to launch a Premium service at € 500. With 5 sales per month, you would bill an additional € 30,000.

This time, you will need to think about working full-time because, otherwise, it is not achievable.

You have been selling an eBook and a course in the market for some time.

Both digital products work well.

Your customers are happy and they recommend you.

You will know about the advanced needs of your clients.

Getting 5 clients for your service does not seem impossible.

But rather the opposite.

It is feasible, once again.

Reaching this figure represents work.

Anyone with the other 3 milestones completed and with the desire to work full time in your digital business, should be able to get to this objective.

Fifth milestone: € 100,000 / year

Again we would have to double sales.

But we could do it with several non-exclusive options:

Launch an annual VIP support at € 1,000 for 10 people

Get 100 people for a private community with a monthly fee of € 27 / month

It is done. You would have these additional € 40,000.

More work and more support to give to your customers.

You already have in hand a prosperous business that I hope you have designed in the center of one of your passions.

You work a lot, but you enjoy a lot.

Your business allows you to reinvent yourself from anywhere in the world.

You only need an Internet connection to work.

In life, progress is always achieved in stages

Nobody goes from 0 to 100,000 €, suddenly, in less than 3 months.

It is highly unlikely, although there are some nice stories to tell.

Where you will have to learn new things and solve new challenges.

The more traction you get to your business, the more options you have to keep growing, and the easier it will be to double your sales.

You are building an asset that becomes more relevant and stronger as you continue to work on this asset consistently with the passage of time.

Each stage represents a jump and not an impossible jump.

Be fair to yourself, and do not put so much pressure on results, in the short term.


Because it prevents you from learning and acquiring fundamental skills that will help you to achieve the goal of your next stage, and also for your whole life.

It prevents you from enjoying your training and your experiments.

Enjoy the present, even if your eyes are already on the future.