How to Make an Effective Video-Marketing Strategy on YouTube

Many companies would like to have a viral video, with hundreds of thousands of reproductions, this option allows to bring traffic to the website of the company and there to manage visits, either sell something or make branding.


Many companies would like to have a viral video, with hundreds of thousands of reproductions, this option allows to bring traffic to the website of the company and there to manage visits, either sell something or make branding.

Viral video is not easy to achieve, the Youtube algorithm measures many parameters, the most important is the number of reproductions that you have on social networks, together with the video’s retention or timewatch. This parameter is the primary one to present in search results. Google and YouTube team up to show videos in the SERPs.

But what happens if we do not have social networks, we do not have a Youtube channel and we do not have users to show our commercial strategy. Well, use an influencer to help us publicize our business option, branding and selling, the whole pack in one.

New trends in online marketing, new video-marketing strategies on YouTube.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a current trend of online marketing that makes visible through the strategy of using the followers that the relevant character already has.

There are many social networks that have their influencers, Facebook is not as effective in this sense because it has a privacy option that does not show all users. Twitter and Instagram have millions of active users, Instagram is the most used by influencers to broadcast their promotions.

But the most effective because of its immediacy and impact on the same market niche that the company can have is on YouTube. The influencers on YouTube use the video format to promote brands and products that thousands of followers contemplate.

YouTube is a social platform as well as an effective marketing tool

Brands seek to reach users and through influencers they strengthen ties. Their followers have them as part of the family, transmit something they like and follow them because they bring something, whether knowledge or fun.

To identify the influencers on YouTube, a tool has been developed that shows to the companies the youtuber analytics extracted from the public Youtube API. Brantube tries to connect brands with relevant youtubers performs influencers’ marketing on Youtube. If you want to get a video viralized by a youtuber you can use it. Identify the youtuber that has a niche market similar to the company and present a promotional proposal. The use of this videomarketing tool is easy and intuitive.

A study by SocialMedia Link indicates that 93% of Internet users prefer the recommendation of an acquaintance. Influencers have become transmitters of content, in the case of youtubers they are contained in video, a format that today everyone has in their pockets. Smartphones and bandwidth promote the use of these contents. In addition to causing a direct and immediate impact.

Internet users have been immunized against advertising, and applications have appeared that prevent viewing while browsing. As a result of this, communication strategies try to get away from advertising and approach the storytelling. Tell a story that approaches the user.

“This type of content causes the attention of the user, but it is not convenient to show the brand and hide it under the story.”

Gain relevance in YouTube occurs when a user of the platform is constant in the uploads of their videos, has not lost patience to see that at first it had no reproductions. Over time the Youtube algorithm has provided an increase in the number of subscribers that has motivated youtuber.

How to carry out an effective video-marketing campaign.

Having a Youtube channel for the company is a necessary requirement in any current online marketing strategy, potential customers are in social networks and this is where we should be as a company, making a video marketing campaign on YouTube is effective , cheap and easy to make.

As we explained before, getting a viral video is not easy, showing the operation of the company or promoting the brand showing who we are is a content we should have.

From there, we have to undertake new video-marketing strategies that will be in line with the new trends. Integrating a story with our brand will make it valued and shared.

If you have that story in video format you have to upload it to your Youtube channel. But you must have optimized that channel to conquer the visitors. Design and take care of the presented image, it is the image of the company and it should not be left aside.

A) Fill in the title, description and labels.

Optimize video metadata, search for keywords to place in the title, description and tags. Although YouTube is a video platform this is blind to the content, we must tell you what the images have through the contextual content.

The Youtube algorithm reads everything around the video, all the keywords. If we embed a video on a web page the Google robot (and YouTube) will read and position according to text content.

B) Insert active links.

Insert social networks in the top banner of your YouTube homepage, outbound links to them, you can also insert links to web pages, although they are links with the attribute “nofollow” are served by Google. In the description of the video you can also place active links, this will make the viewers can visit your company website.

C) Customize the url of your channel on YouTube.

When you create a channel on YouTube you receive a very long URL that tells us where you are:


You can customize the url with the name of your company by using the advanced options and change the name to the Google + page associated with the channel. It will appear as follows:


It is easier to identify it.

D) Verify your channel on YouTube.

In the configuration section of the channel you will have the possibility to verify it by telephone call. This will activate certain necessary and high-value functions such as the function of sending to a web page by clicking on the same window to play the video or uploading videos with a duration of more than 15 minutes.

E) Share on social networks.

Once the video has been uploaded to your Youtube channel, you should show it, copy and paste the url on your social networks, this will make the video start receiving visualizations from the beginning. A necessary effect for the YouTube algorithm to take it into account.

You can also embed or insert the video in web pages using the iframe code that you will find under the video playback window.

F) Use Adwords for video.

Adwords campaigns for video are very effective and cheap, they can be geolocated to perform local actions.

They are not widely used campaigns given their ignorance but are much more effective than any Adwords campaign. I explain, a user wants to watch a video on YouTube, find it, find it and what does it look like first? your advertising in the form of a sponsored advertisement. You pay if the user displays more than 5 seconds, if not, and the user clicks on the “Skip Ad” button, you do not pay anything. but that user has had to see those first 5 seconds. Try to give the commercial impact in those 5 seconds and leave a mark on the person who sees the video.

Hope this post has been interesting for you and looking forward to your comments and recommendations!