Meta Tag: Why is It so Important

Google does not take into account the content of the description meta tag to position articles

I’m not sure about that. What we can verify is that after writing your particular search in Google, it highlights in bold the words that appear in the description that match the search.

Therefore, the description meta tag greatly helps people searching on Google to opt for one result or another. Being in the top positions and having a good title is essential, but having a good description makes users decide eventually.

What is the meta description tag?

It is nothing more than a description that appears in the results of Google and that must describe the content of the post or the page. It should be striking and should contain the most important keywords because they are highlighted in bold and call for more attention in addition to reinforcing the search for the user. This user will verify the words you are looking for and consequently, the possibilities of clicking on this result will increase.

The HTML code is located in the HEAD:

<meta name = "description" content = "This is a description example, it usually appears in Google results.">
</ head>

Supposedly Google does not take into account this text to position the results but, as I said, I am not so sure because it reads the text to put in bold the words of the search. It chooses whether or not to show the description that you have written or, on the contrary, chooses another text of the page that fits better to the search of the user.

The texts or copys

Now that the term copywriting has become fashionable I can say that, in this case, writing texts that call for action and that increase the curiosity of the reader is more important than ever.

Receiving more clicks for having a good text despite appearing in the second or third position will cause Google to improve this factor and may increase your position.

It is very important that the article meets the expectations and solves the problem completely as I always say. This is what I intend with this post that you are reading following these steps:

  1. Objective: Solve a common problem. Many people do not use the meta description correctly.
  2. What?: explanation of the meta description tag.
  3. How?: explain how to use it correctly with copywriting techniques and how to add it with plugins.
  4. Why?: It is a key point to receive more clicks and increase positions.
  5. When?: always optimize it.
  6. Conclusions

Techniques to achieve more clicks (improve the CTR)

I’ll list them below:

  1. Add some kind of offer if you have it.
  2. It must be related to the title (the title is the most important).
  3. Use a phrase that describes the content well.
  4. Use numbers and percentages.
  5. Write a call to action to engage users.
  6. Try to make the text meaningful for the user’s search
  7. Add everything the user needs. If for example it is a discount coupon, add it in the description.
  8. Do not add lists of products or services in the description.

An example of a good meta description could be:

Multiply x3 the visits of your blog in 10 days thanks to SEO. Fast and easy.

How to create or change the description meta tag

To create or change the meta-description tag, you only have to install the Yoast SEO plugin.

Once installed and activated, the field to which we refer will appear in each post or page:

Fill in the fields using the techniques aforementioned. If you leave it empty Google will choose the texts from the beginning by default.


The power of the description meta tag is great. Having a good meta tag may cause the difference between appearing among the first results or appearing on the second and forgotten Google page.

Therefore, start to take into account the meta description and update all the texts to get more clicks and visits.

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