How to Check the Evolution of your Blog’s SEO

The importance of having an SEO strategy

To analyze the evolution of your SEO strategy you can use the  free SEO tool Google Search Console. You need to register your blog to track the SEO of your blog and see how you increase positions and receive more visits. Here I explain how to do it:

You must add the URL of your blog to the tool and verify it with the options it gives you. Then in traffic search > Search analysis you can see the ranking of positions of the words you have indexed in Google. Undoubtedly it is very interesting all the information provided by the Google Search Console to improve the traffic of your blog and see if you are doing things right. Clicks, impressions, CTR and position are the checks it shows.

Go to the Google Index menu> Indexing status. There you should see a graph that progressively increases. This would be perfect since it indicates that Google is indexing your new content.

Since you are using the SEO tool you can review the errors it shows you and optimize them.

Associate the Google Search Console data with the Google Analytics account to see some of these options directly in Google Analytics.

As a quick trick to check if the content of your blog is being indexed, write in Google “site:” (without the quotes and with your domain).

Substituting the name of my blog for yours, you will see the results that Google has in its database “Approximately 1240 results (0.24 seconds)” and you can see them directly.

Do not forget Google Analytics. Go to Acquisition> All traffic> Channels> Organic Search and you can see the traffic that arrives from Google to your blog.

Other tools

There are SEO tools that allow you to track the evolution of your blog’s SEO. They also have many features that provide the most relevant data to grow your blog in less time. And they show you the information in a more visual way.

Sistrix, SEMrush or SEOProfiler are some of them. I personally recommend SEMrush which is particularly easy to use and has almost the same features than Google Search Console.

However, if you are not an SEO expert it is not necessary to hire these tools (you can use the free trial days they offer) unless your blog is your main source of income. With SEMRush for example, you can always use it for free with some limitations.


Check the evolution of the SEO of your blog will let you know if all the effort you are doing with your blog has a result and therefore the visits you expect so much begin to arrive. There is a lot of work behind a blog and a dose of extra visits always gives you motivation to continue.

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