You Cannot Convince Everyone!

Several times, I have had the opportunity to talk to someone who tells me that their company produces something that everyone needs. Men, women, young, old, age does not matter, anyone in the world is their ideal client.

The fact here, is that they are totally wrong. There is not a single thing that everyone needs.

When we are sure that we can convince everybody, we are placing themselves on the path of failure. In a business context, convincing ourselves that everyone needs what we are offering, we end up being consumed, since it takes significantly more effort to convert their prospects into customers. It can be tempting to observe large segments of the population as a target market, but everything comes down with only one thing; CONVERSIONS.

Would you rather spend your time trying to convince a thousand people, who are slightly interested in what you offer and get to convert 50 of them or, on the other hand, try to convince 100 people who are absolutely passionate about your product or service and convert to 20 of them.

If you concentrate on a much more objective prospect, you will find the following:

  • Your sales process is faster and easier. Which means you can spend more time searching and finding more prospects with the same opinions.
  • You’ll find more references.
  • The amount of time you spend managing customer service is reduced, which again means you can spend more time looking for people with more related prospects.

If you still think you can convince everyone, here’s a good fact: 6% of the population of the United States does not believe that man has reached the moon, good luck with that!

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