What is the Freshness Effect of Google and How Can it Improve your SEO?

Do you want to know what is the Freshness effect of Google and how can it improve your SEO?

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Do you want to know what is the Freshness effect of Google and how can it improve your SEO?

Surely you have not heard much about it since it is one of the worst SEO factors and less popular within the SEO world.

Why is it so important?

Today you may find the solution to why Google does not rank the posts of your domain as it should. Let’s go to the mess!

What is the SEO Freshness?

The term freshness in SEO refers to the frequency with which the contents of a post or page are updated.

Google loves live content and does not like you to write a post and leave it lying in time without changing anything in months. Google wants to see movement on your website and the more the better.

This is a typical error of many bloggers. They create a TOP content and leave it there without being updated. This is not a good practice.

Therefore, it is not enough to write a perfect post, optimized 100% for SEO and not updating it. You must update your content every certain time if you do not want your post or page to lose positions. The frequency should be at least twice per year, adding new information and updates related to the topic.

This technique is optimal if you have noticed a stagnation in the statistics of your website. If you see that you do not improve your positions in Google, I encourage you to update the contents of your blog and observe how the results of your blog significantly improve.

Having external links to your website or posts is a very good practice and will make better positions in Google. However, I can assure you that if this post is not updated, you will not reach the first positions.

How does the updated content improve the positioning of my posts?

As I have indicated before, the more you update the contents of your website the better, since in this way Google will consider your website or blog better than others. The search engine understands that live content provides better information to the user than a post written some years ago.

Therefore, the more you update the content of your web page, the better because in this way you will send signals to Google bots or robots to track your website in search of new content.

How to know how many times Google has gone through my website to check my updates

To know the number of times Google has passed through your web page you will need to use the advanced search cache command.

To do this, in the field where the addresses of the different websites are written inside your browser, enter the advanced search command “cache: + the page to study”.

Here is an example:

If you have done everything correctly Google will show you a screen similar to this one: google

You will see the date of the last time that Google has cached or gone through that particular page.

When I say that Google has cached that web page I mean that the Google bot has gone through it, studied it, and registered it in its database. I explain this because Google often visits a website.

With this method you will get to know how often the Google robot passes through each page of your website and thus obtain approximate tracking frequency.

How to improve the freshness on my WordPress website

Actually by freshness is understood any type of modification in the content of a page or post.

That’s why there are different ways to update the content of your WordPress website:

  1. Updating your content manually: You can add each X time one, two or three new paragraphs to each post or page so that in this way Google detects movement (freshness) and improves your positions. In addition to this, I recommend that once you have made the changes, update the date of publication in WordPress. All this Google will value it.
  2. Use a WordPress plugin to show related articles: On the one hand, you can quickly modify the content of each post on your blog automatically and on the other hand offer content of interest to the user, thus improving the usability of your website, the internal link and the rebound percentage.
  3. Highlight the last article published. This with WordPress you can do it with a simple plugin. What you get with this practice is to add a section at the end of each post that is updated automatically each time you write a new post. In this way, you will update the content of each of your posts automatically.

In my point of view, the first is the best option since this method is the most natural and that is ultimately what Google seeks, naturalness.

Therefore, if you have time the best thing will be that every X time you add information to each post and in this way update the content.

If you see that you are not able to create new content of interest to the user (why there are topics that do not give more than itself), the best thing is that you reformulate the way to tell the same information.

In this way you will update the content and you will not bore the user by offering information not needed.

Take into account that if you bore the user with information that is not very relevant to your search your user will leave the page and return to Google (this will clearly worsen your web positioning).


As you have seen throughout the post, the freshness can help you to increase positions in Google easily and without too much effort.

This technique will be especially useful when you notice a stagnation of positions in Google. By updating content you will achieve the goal that all SEO pursues. Climb and scale positions in Google in a regular and natural way.

I always say the same, in SEO there are no magic tricks or miracle formulas, there is only hard work. Therefore, if you do things well you will have more options to reach the top positions of Google and get to go from the 1000 daily visits.

For this reason, I hope that once you read the article you have forgotten the idea of ​​writing a post and leave it abandoned in time.

Hope this post has been interesting and looking forward to you comments and recommendations!


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