The 7 best Titles for SEO

Are you confused about which titles to write in the articles of your blog? Nobody clicks on them? Do not worry I’ll give you the secret keys to multiply the visits of your blog with a few simple titles.

The meta-description tag is key when it comes to getting people to choose your article over another (improve the CTR), but the most important and decisive point is the title.

Choosing well-optimized SEO titles is easier than it seems.

The good news is that you can update all the titles and descriptions of your articles right now to start multiplying your visits.

You should only use WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin and take a look at the structures for titles and the examples that I leave below

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Tips: Best titles for SEO and examples

Using the numbers (3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 21) + Superlative or adjective or name + key phrase

  • The 23 best SEO tools.
  • 5 incredible techniques to create a blog.
  • 11 secrets to lose weight.
  • 6 very funny games for iPhone.

How + verb + key phrase

  • How to invite people to Facebook Live.
  • How to cook a perfect dish.
  • How to boost your audience.
  • How to download free music.
  • How to be more charismatic.

Tutorial or course or video (Youtube) + key phrase + location (optional)

  • Cooking course in New Zeland.
  • Photoshop tutorial.
  • Video like makeup.

What is…

  • What is Periscope
  • What is the floor clause
  • What is Netflix
  • What is quinoa

What would happen if …

  • What would happen if Trump wins (we currently know what happens :-)).
  • What would happen if England leaves the EU.

Name (person, product, company, tool) + news

  • The brutal turn of Donald Trump.
  • 30 facts that you did not know about David Bowie.
  • Vikinguard: monitor your blog for free.

Sensational titles (Yahoo News style or BuzzFeed.)

  • The revolutionary method for learning languages.
  • She knew how to defend herself against a racist.
  • Snapchat gets in a mess: its CEO does not want users from poor countries.
  • Separated mother recovers and becomes a millionaire.

No doubt you want to click, right?

7 Tips to further optimize titles

There is still more.

  • Use Google to see the suggestions it shows while you type.
  • Add * before the text to see more suggestions.
  • Do the search in Google of the title you have thought to see who is positioned first.
  • Use Google Trends to see search trends.
  • Use the Google Keyword Planner to analyze the keywords.
  • Add some capitalized words to the titles to get attention.
  • Do not exceed the character limit of the title that Google has.


With these examples and advice that I have given you, you have no excuse not to optimize the articles of your blog and get thousands of visits.

Thanks to Yoast SEO you can update all the titles of your articles and the descriptions from the same site.

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Hope this post has been interesting for you and looking forward to your comments and recommendations!