How to Change our Behavior?
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How to Change our Behavior?

Being better people every day means constantly changing our behavior, of course these changes must occur in negative behaviors or actions that despite being good can even be better. Remember that this will help us in our daily lives but change is not so easy so we will see some recommendations that can help us cause a change in our behavior or that of another person:

Be prone to a change

The first and most important step is to recognize that we need to make a change in our behavior and that making such a change will produce a benefit, such as stop constantly reviewing my Facebook account will allow me more time to complete my academic tasks.

Stop making a daily habit is not easy because it is within our being and a routine that can even cause a lot of inconvenience to stop doing, but if at least we do not intend to change, nothing can be done.

Do not judge

When you want to support a person close to change, the most common mistake that is usually made is to judge in a “wise guy” tone and the first reaction that usually appears is to stop making the change. For example, if we want to support a person who stops smoking, phrases like “the cigarette hurts” are usually not very effective because if the person has already passed through the previous steps, it is obvious that he already recognized that he should stop smoking because it causes a series of damages.

Instead of judging, we must provide support through reinforcements every time a goal is concluded, for example if the first objective was to quit smoking for a week and it has been fulfilled we can congratulate that person for meeting that goal, leave to eat or some other reward are better than judging.

Find a link in the chain

Many times it is not so easy to stop doing an activity because it is a difficult habit to break. The best we can do is identify all the steps involved in doing that action. We must see what we usually do before the activity we want to change. For instance, if we want to stop drinking alcoholic beverages, we must identify the situations that promote drinking. For example, if watching a football game generates alcohol consumption and we identified it previously, it may help that we do not see it or that we remove the alcohol from our refrigerator one day before to avoid the “temptation”, this is just an example and only you can define the best thing you can do to avoid the action you are trying to avoid.

Finally, if you are in the supporting role or are the person seeking a change, you should recognize the importance of having people around us both to motivate us or to help us identify those actions we want to change.

How to Change our Behavior?
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