How to Set Up Competitions and Raffles in Facebook

A way to attract the interest of your fans, to improve the interaction with the contents that you publish and to attract new ones is creating in the wall of your fan page promotional raffles.

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A way to attract the interest of your fans, to improve the interaction with the contents that you publish and to attract new ones is creating in the wall of your fan page promotional raffles.

I will explain how to make a raffle on the wall of your fan page or on Twitter. It should be noted that a few years ago Facebook did not allow this type of promotional content, although many community managers made them on their pages. But in August 2013 the promotions policy of this social network changed and since then it is possible.

My advice is that the operative should be as simple as possible. We can ask a question and only make the raffle among those who have guessed right. If we do this, then we will have to check the comments one by one to see who has succeeded.


The best option to manage this type of raffles is Easypromos, a platform that helps you create virtually any type of promotions: from fan recruiters, direct awards, questionnaires, photo contests… I recommend paying attention to all the options that your promotions’ application offers. Surely it helps us a lot when proposing new actions to our clients. In addition, it is cheaper than commissioning a programmer to design an ad hoc promotional APP.

With this tool, in a very simple way, we will create the raffle. In addition, at the end generates a certificate of validity of the winner and reservations. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Register in Easypromos.
  2. Select the “Draws” option.
  3. Choose if it’s a draw for Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Select the profile.
  5. Indicate the type of draw – among those who have “liked” or made a comment in the case of Facebook or between those who have done RT or among all followers in the case of Twitter.
  6. Point out how many winners and substitutes we want.
  7. Create the raffle.


Fortunately Easypromos has already solved this. Easypromos has introduced a series of new features that I will comment, and that are also free if the promotional publication does not exceed 100 comments or “likes”, if exceeded, its price is 15 euros per promotion, being able to hire monthly or annual subscriptions .

  • Raffle tests. Once you start the raffle there is no going back. You cannot repeat the raffle in case you were wrong, for example, not having excluded those who had not guessed the question or the winners of previous draws. Now it is possible to make a test draw.
  • Customize the winners page. As we have said before, this promotion offers you a link with the certificate of validity of the winner, to prevent anyone from questioning the process. Now, in addition, it is already possible to personalize it, with an image and a message of its own.
  • Notification to winners. If the raffle is made for those who have made a comment on Facebook, it is possible to send a notification to the winners by responding to their comment from the tool itself and with a single click. When sending this response, the winners will receive a notification from Facebook informing them that the page organizing the raffle has responded to their comment in the publication. This tool is a fast and direct way of communication between page and winners.
  • Claim your prize. The button “Claim your prize” now appears on the winners page. From there, winners can fill out a form with their information to receive their prize. In this way, the task of collecting personal data is streamlined if there are different winners.

Do you usually do this type of sweepstakes on the fan page you manage or on Twitter? Tell us your experience and how you manage them.

If instead of Facebok or Twitter you want to create a raffle on Instagram, in this article – “Instagram Raffles: How to Create Raffles and Succeed” – I explain how you can do it in a very simple way.