What is the Best SEO Template for WordPress?

Choosing the template of the web is something crucial if we want a correct SEO positioning.

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Choosing the template of the web is something crucial if we want a correct SEO positioning. We all know that aesthetics, user experience… are important, but they can also affect SEO and we need to know that Google takes into account the template we use.

Today you will be able to check the pros and cons of popular themes such as Genesis, Orbital, GeneratePress and DIVI.

There are thousands of wordpress templates in the market. Such is its magnitude that it is currently difficult to opt for one or the other depending on each project.

For that reason, with this post I want to talk about what are the best SEO templates of wordpress. So that once and for all you opt for a theme optimized for search engines.

This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of the themeforest developers are web designers which allows them to make cool and very visual wordpress templates regardless of whether they are optimized for SEO or not.

If you are looking for a template for a SEO project, make it at least quick and useful for the main search engines.

That said, we are going to analyze 4 templates at the SEO level. These templates are the most popular in the market and the best at the SEO level.

Therefore, today we are going to make a brief and simple comparison between DIVI, GeneratePress, Genesis and Orbital.

This comparison will be used to opt for one or another SEO template for our project.

But before starting the analysis we will see which points we will analyze.

Main SEO errors in wordpress templates

The biggest mistakes at the SEO level that I have detected tend to come from lesser-known themes that are usually sold in marketplaces like themeforest and the like.

These templates generate SEO errors of duplicate content, bad management of headers, architecture errors…

Therefore, if you allow me an advice, run away from those precious templates and be practical. These templates will be very nice but on a practical level they are a real chaos.

That said we can write down a list of the main points that we must take into account when analyzing a template at the SEO level. These points are usually:

  • Load speed: The loading speed of the newly installed template without any plugin must be high. To measure the loading speed of our website we can use different SEO tools such as Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test or GT Metrix.
  • Optimization of resources (images, code, plugins): Any extra line of code will suppose a luxury dispensable for our web. Therefore, we look for agile templates that are not oversaturated by unnecessary extras.
  • Goals and web architecture: Our default template should use correctly determine the correct headers and the web architecture so as not to create duplications of content.
  • Structured data: The marking of structured data using schema is essential to give Google extra information about the content of our website.
  • Mobile errors: A lack of web adaptability by our staff will be a serious error. Therefore, the responsive version of our website should facilitate the navigability of the user through our website.


DIVI is the perfect wordpress theme for an end user with scarce programming levels.

Thanks to the DIVI constructor that has configured the elegant themes team for this template, having our own website has never been so easy.

On a practical level this theme is perfect if you do not know of ​​code.

Its high level of customization makes it easier for end users to design their own website in exchange for an oversaturation of resources.

Having a website with so many open options and random codes saturates the server with files and queries that in many cases will not be used.

We simply lose optimization and loading speed.

Advantages of DIVI at the SEO level

As we have indicated previously, DIVI is the perfect theme for users who need a web page without the need to program. This is your main advantage.

This is not a technical advantage? SEO level but it is an advantage when it comes to improving the usability of the site and therefore the user experience. One of the main SEO factors today.

Disadvantages of DIVI at the SEO level

The speed of DIVI has always been questioned due to the large number of extras offered.

However, there are websites developed with DIVI with a high loading speed thanks to a subsequent programming work. Therefore, discarding this theme for load times would be a real mistake, it is simply a factor to be taken into account.

Anyway, if we look at the analysis of Google Page Speed ​​we can detect other weak points:

  • Errors when treating images correctly by the template.
  • Problems when loading Javascript since it does not do so asynchronously.
  • Failure to load certain CSS resources.
  • Lack of marking of structured data.


GeneratePress is one of the most popular wordpress templates available today, thanks, above all, to the support of the world’s leading bloggers.

This is not the only reason for its success since we could say that GeneratePress is halfway between Genesis and DIVI.

It allows the customization of certain aspects of the theme without having to use code and is light.

Therefore, this theme is an affordable template for end users as well as for advanced users or programmers.

Advantages of GeneratePress at the SEO level

Its loading speed is quite acceptable compared to DIVI since the number of functionalities of this subject is lower.

Its code is cleaner and more agile than other templates with similar functionalities.

Disadvantages of GeneratePress at the SEO level

GeneratePress repeats to a lesser extent the same mistakes that DIVI made as we see in the following analysis:

  • The optimization of images by this theme is deficient.
  • Your CSS optimization can be improved.
  • The treatment of the fonts by the theme can be improved.


With this wordpress theme something similar happens to what happened with GeneratePress. Its popularity skyrocketed among bloggers and as a result of that success its detractors began to appear.

This wordpress theme allows very little personalization of the template unless you know programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and PHP.

In that case, your perfectly optimized and clean code will do wonders especially when it comes to improving the speed of your website.

Advantages of Genesis at the SEO level

The main advantage of this template is its speed. This is very successful due to its highly purified code.

Therefore as a Genesis flat option it becomes a perfect theme for programmers and experienced people.

Disadvantages of Genesis at the SEO level

As I indicated earlier, the lack of personalization of this theme makes this template very basic for end users. However, this is not his only fault as we see in his analysis:

  • The compression of images by the theme can be improved.
  • Lack of asynchronous Javascript load.
  • An improvement in the compression of the Javascript and CSS code is necessary.
  • Lack of processing of structured data.
  • The headings of the sidebar are H3 when in reality they should be H4 so as not to conflict with the contents of the body.


Orbital is the brand new wordpress theme that has been launched by the well-known SEO Romuald Fons.

This SEO and its agency have done an impeccable job when launching a 100% optimized web template. However, as we will see below, not everything is good news and this theme also has its weak points. Let’s go with it!

Advantages of Orbital Theme SEO level

Without a doubt, Romuald and his team know what they are doing and have done a great job cleaning lines of code of unnecessary extra functionalities.

They have left a wordpress template with the right and necessary functionalities that every end user should have.

The main advantage of this theme is its optimization when implementing Adsense at any point on the web without great technical knowledge.

Disadvantages Orbital Theme at SEO level

As always, and despite the fact that this template has everything that an SEO would use on its website, it also has some drawback, although its analysis does not indicate it:

The main drawback of this template is the template itself, I will explain.

This wordpress theme is specially focused for niche websites that seek to monetize through adsense through a large number of visits and architecture as their website

However, if you want to develop a blog or other type of web, this template will not be as effective as GeneratePress.

As if this were not enough, its exorbitant price and its unique license per site make orbital a good option, but expensive.

What is the best SEO template for my wordpress

Before revealing the best kept secret of the network, I will let you know something very important.

THERE IS NO PERFECT SEO TEMPLATE FOR YOUR WEB. A wordpress template is simply a tool that is given to you. The SEO of your website will depend exclusively on the use you make of it.

For this same reason, there are websites created with the DIVI template that are faster and lighter than some orbital since they have done a great job later.

Neither should you be obsessed with the loading speed of your website. This has to be fast but it does not have to be perfect in Google PageSpeed. With an 80/100 your web will be optimized.

SEO is good to optimize but not obsessed. The key is that all the pieces fit correctly and go in the same direction.

It is clear that getting started on our projects is fundamental and that this starts with the selection of a good SEO template.

Therefore, here goes the answer to what you were looking for. What is the best SEO template for your website:

  • DIVI: It is the perfect template if you have no idea of ​​code and want to customize your website to the maximum. Do not worry about the SEO of this theme since with work you can get a perfect optimization of this. Therefore, use this template in your beginnings.
  • GeneratePress: If you are looking for a template, agile, fast and that allows you a minimum of personalization without code this is your template.
    If you add the Elementor plugin to this theme, your website will be at a different level.
  • Genesis: If yours is the code and you’re looking for simplicity and speed, genesis is for you. Its optimization is extremely good for blogs or web in which the content prevails.
  • Orbital: It is the SEO template par excellence and the winner of the competition. The only downside of this theme is that it is very recent and it has aspects to improve which is not a disadvantage but a plus. As a disadvantage is its unique license which makes this template the most expensive option of all. Now if you are looking for visits and make money with adsense this is your template.

Conclusions about wordpress templates and SEO

A template is a tool that can help you improve your SEO by 10%. The remaining 90% depends on how you use the rest of the tools on your site.

Therefore, do not be obsessed with the wordpress template to choose to improve your SEO. Any of the 4 options above will be perfectly valid to develop your website.

Of course, never use any of the many that exist in themeforest and other marketplaces if you do not want to have SEO problems in the future.

That said, with what template do you stay?


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