What is Extraordinary Leadership?

In this blog we have talked on different occasions about different types of leaders.

However, today we are going to focus on a very particular one: extraordinary leadership.

What is extraordinary leadership according to Zenger and Folkman?

Do you know what extraordinary leadership is? Undoubtedly, it is one of the most acclaimed figures that has appeared in the world of management, and we owe it to psychometrist Joseph Folkman and human resources expert Jack Zenger.

In the book The Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good Managers into Great Leader, which translates as “The extraordinary leader: Transforming good managers into great leaders”, Zenger and Folkman establish a leader model with a series of well-defined competencies, as well as the style to implement them in the company, which results in an excellent impact on the company’s results thanks to the effectiveness of the proposed profile.

Areas and competencies of the extraordinary leader

According to Zenger and Folkman, the extraordinary leader must gather a total of 16 competencies that are grouped into five large areas, which we see below.

Character of the extraordinary leader

We begin with the first large area that includes the extraordinary leader, within which we find a basic competence of profile, integrity and honesty.
According to Zenger and Folkman, this is a fundamental competence. The extraordinary leader must earn the respect of the work team beyond the simple hierarchy, so he must act with coherence, commitment, confidence and serving as an example.

Leader’s personal competence

The second great area that includes the extraordinary leader is known as personal competence. Here we find:

  • Technical competence, referred to the knowledge and experience that the leader has, which serves to advise and guide the work team.
  • Resolution of problems, because the extraordinary leader must be able to analyze and make the right decisions to fix any type of conflict.
  • Innovation is another competence that the leader must possess, who will be able to carry out any type of changes necessary to be more creative in all aspects.
  • Personal development, because a leader needs to grow with humility but continuously, thus achieving to improve the business climate.

Focus on the results

In addition, the extraordinary leader must be able to always focus on the results, for which he needs three essential competences:

  • The extraordinary leader will promote the achievement of results, establishing sensible goals and developing the motivation and commitment of the collaborators to achieve them.
  • It will also establish demanding goals, giving clear guidelines and making the most of each member of the team.
  • Initiative is another inescapable competition of the extraordinary leader, which is based on a great intrinsic motivation and an always positive attitude.

Interpersonal skills of the leader

We are already with the fourth great competence area of ​​the extraordinary leader, which is linked to his interpersonal skills.

  • Efficient communication is a competence that allows influencing others, being able to transmit new approaches and adequate feedback.
  • Motivate and inspire team members.
  • Relations with employees is essential so that there is a real and close connection between the leader and the team.

An extraordinary leader will be able to achieve an optimal personal and professional development of the collaborators, thus achieving a more efficient and motivated team.
Teamwork is another necessary competence to promote good relationships. In this way, the leader can stop toxic behaviors before they become entangled.

Change leader

An extraordinary leader is the figure that should lead the change in the environment and organization of a company.

The extraordinary leader will develop the strategy to follow to meet the business objectives.

He will also be in charge of promoting changes within the company, applying more effective, innovative and creative formulas.

The last competence of the extraordinary leader is applied to relations with the outside world, since it will be the figure that build strategic alliances.

Are you clear about what extraordinary leadership is? It is obvious that he is a very complete and ideal figure to lead any current project in the direction of success.