Audience Segmentation in Adwords (Google Ads)

Do you know the new audiences of Google Adwords (Google Ads)? Can you imagine being able to segment similarly to Facebook Ads?

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Do you know the new audiences of Google Adwords (Google Ads)? Can you imagine being able to segment similarly to Facebook Ads? With the audiences of Google Adwords we can achieve audience segmentation beyond keywords, which will help us not only in remarketing, but also in adapting the ads to the most specific audience, improving our CPC, etc.

With the arrival of the new Google Adwords 2018 experience, the “public” section has not only been called audiences, but has been improved and expanded in features.

What are Adwords or Google Ads audiences?

Adwords or Google Ads audiences are a way of segmenting campaigns, which helps complementing the mix of a campaign (structure, keywords, negative words, ads, …). We can use hearings to expand the reach of campaigns or to limit it (audience exclusions).

It is important to have data that allows us to convert information into knowledge that we can transfer to the audience. If we do not know our audience, we will not achieve good results. Intuition is not scientific.

Why should we use the audiences?

Audiences are a complement to the keywords of a campaign. It will depend on our objective and the knowledge about our audience to use them or not.

  • Remarketing: It is the most basic part and used in the old Adwords or Google Ads. For example, it will allow us to impact people who have interacted with our website, app or who have seen a certain video.
  • Segmentation: Useful to reach people with certain interests, attitude of purchase or lifestyle.
  • Customization of announcements: Every brand, company or app, has audiences with different characteristics (sex, age…) which forces us to communicate in a different way to improve CTR results.

Segmentation or observation

Within the audiences we have two configuration options:

  • Segmentation: It is the traditional segmentation. The campaigns will be oriented to the public that we have selected, which will allow us to fine-tune to reach potential customers.
  • Observation: It is an option that does NOT limit the scope of the ads to a single segmentation, but allows us to monitor the performance and customize the bids according to our objective.

Where do you get Adwords data?

Adwords will get the data to create audiences of its own technology or a list that we upload from our own database. Everything depends on the objective of our audience.

We can create lists based on visitors to a website, use of an app, list of clients, etc.

In the style of Facebook Ads, using its machine learning technology and thanks to the data provided by its own tools:

1. Searches in Google Search
2. The use of Gmail mail
3. Information provided by the Android systems
4. Play Store
5. Google Maps
6. YouTube


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