7 Signs of Poor Web Maintenance

Today I want to tell you 7 signs that indicate that we are not performing a correct web maintenance.

Bad web maintenance: signs that you should improve

Outdated technology and design

There are few sectors that evolve as fast as the web. Technology that only a few years ago was the state-of-the-art today is outdated (like Flash) and the same can be said about design trends. Therefore, if you do not keep up, your website will quickly transmit a feeling of old. And remember that it only takes 5 seconds for the visitor to form an opinion of your website.

Bad content organization

Sometimes having everything updated is not everything. The organization of content is just as important as the content itself. Think that if a user enters your website and is not able to find what he/she is looking for, not only will it not have served him/her at all, but it will cause him/her never to return, hence the concept of usability. Pay attention to the details and make sure that everything can be found in no more than three clicks.

Errors in content

The design and technology may take a while to become obsolete, but the content, on the other hand, can quickly become obsolete. Imagine, for example, that you have a restaurant and that in the summer you modify the schedule. If you do not update your website, you will already have a sign of incorrect maintenance.

A detail that many forget and that can give a great sense of abandonment is the date of the copyright. Making a habit of modifying it every January is a good way to avoid it. In the same way, make sure that when you enter your website, users will not find information about an event you did two months ago.

Abandoned blogs

Maintaining a blog is a lot of work and requires constant attention that does not always have an immediate reward. There is not a rule about how much should be updated (from several times a day to one a month can be valid), but few things give a worse image than to enter the empty blog section of a business or come up with two entries of two years ago.

If you can’t update it, delete the section.

Errors in content display

Although this aspect can be closely linked to the use of outdated technology (for example, if you use Flash you can forget that your page works on iPhone and iPads), the causes may be others. For example, if you update a WordPress plugin or some CSS and the update has some incompatibility with another element, we have a problem. It is a maintenance error, but different from the ones we have talked about so far. It is not a case of abandonment, but a failure to pay attention to all the details. When you update something, it is essential to make sure that everything works properly.

Broken links

It is one of the heaviest tasks, but also the most important. You have found the information you were looking for and when you click on it you will get an error message 404 or similar, that is annoying! It is common that with redesigns of a website you change some links, but if you do it is important that you check then that everything works as it should. There are plugins that can help you in this task.

Obsolete system versions

Most content management systems perform updates from time to time. It is important to do them, since, otherwise, you may find that some fundamental plugins for the operation of your website stop working with such an old version of the system. Never underestimate a system update message.

But beware, do not update your WordPress without the supervision of an expert.


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