What is a Newsletter and How to Create a More Effective Campaign for your Business or Project?

Mainly all professionals and companies with a digital presence already know what a newsletter is and the benefits it brings, especially in order to achieve loyalty to its subscribers and potential customers.

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Mainly all professionals and companies with a digital presence already know what a newsletter is and the benefits it brings, especially in order to achieve loyalty to its subscribers and potential customers.

This is one of the simplest methods of communication with our target audience on the Internet, of which we can also obtain quality feedback.

It is increasingly important for any company to have a strong image on the Internet and be present in some way in the day to day of their community.

Perhaps, for this reason that sending these periodic newsletters continues to be one of the most effective means of contacting our readers and potential customers.

However, before going on to explain how to create powerful campaigns for your business, it is possible that you still do not know what a newsletter is, so I think it is convenient to start with its corresponding definition:

What is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is a digital communication of an informative nature that is sent periodically to a database, usually segmented by interests or sectors, made through e-mail.

Its sending to this base of subscribers is carried out by the person in charge of the digital platform with prior consent and under a specific interest of the recipient, with informative contents about its latest news (products, services or topics related to them) and of interest to them.

Generally, the periodicity of these shipments is usually weekly, biweekly or monthly, although this could be defined in any other way according to the needs of the brand in question.

Although it seems to be very “fashionable” among brands and bloggers to send a newsletter, there are those who are not very clear how to launch more effective campaigns.

Before speaking about the benefits or how to create a good newsletter, it is very important that you have understood and internalized 100% of what this practice is about, since there are very related concepts that make many people misinterpret them, confusing them with a simple sending emails in bulk.

It is important to separate and differentiate the concepts “Mailing” and “Email Marketing”, which we really deal with in this article: “Newsletter”.

What are the main differences between the Newsletter, Mailing and Email Marketing?

As I have warned you before, we often confuse these terms, since they are highly connected, but you must be clear that, although they have a lot to do, they are not exactly the same.

It is not strange to find these concepts described within the same article, and this is because the newsletter is a way of doing email marketing, a way to connect with the audience, or an attraction tool in digital marketing .

However, while a newsletter has the objective of regularly informing the specific audience of a brand about the latest news and news related to the sector, the concept of email marketing makes a broader reference and also includes different promotional techniques through the mail as a whole.

I know that the delimitation between both concepts can be somewhat confusing, but think about it like this:

If your brand seeks to implement a digital strategy that manages to connect via email with a mass audience (whether or not you receive your communications), you will have to launch a series of promotional actions.

This will give rise to an effective email marketing plan.

When you have a base of subscribers interested in your products (leads) and news. That is, once your plan is underway, you can opt for different types of campaigns.

For example, a campaign in a more publicity format such as “mailing” or a more informative as “newsletters”.

Reviewing your definitions again you will understand it better:

  • Email Marketing: marketing strategy that uses mail as a means of communication or via contact with the target audience and that encompasses the mailing and newsletter techniques.
  • Newsletter: is a newsletter that is sent by email with some regularity and is more oriented to provide information to the user or potential customer than to sell.
  • Mailing: communication campaign for advertising purposes via email, this is a format that is much more oriented to the promotion of service and products with commercial objectives.

Why should my business send a Newsletter to its subscribers and clients regularly?

This is a question that many businesses are usually asked.

The quickest and easiest answer would be because nowadays every business, regardless of its size, needs to maintain some type of link or minimal communication with its customers to try to build loyalty.

In addition, send a campaign with certain periodicity that keeps customers better informed, becomes essential for anyone trying to sell a product or offer some type of service on the Internet.

How to design the first Newsletter campaign for your business?

Given the importance of online communication for a brand or business, with this guide my goal is that we learn together what are the phases to create an email campaign, by sending a newsletter regularly and how to do it more effectively.

To achieve my goal, I considered it essential to first talk about the benefits of a newsletter.

What benefits could it bring to your company to send a Newsletter regularly?

The benefits that your business brings to send periodic communications in newsletter format are based on a key idea:

This newsletter serves to communicate with your specific customers, with your community of fans that give a unique value to your brand.

Therefore, a good segmentation of the database of your email is key to ensure that the communication is appropriate and in accordance with the interests of your audience.

Having this clear, I always like to highlight 3 main advantages of sending them regularly and follow a solid email strategy:

  • Increase the credibility of a brand.
  • Loyalty to the audience through personalized communication.
  • It is an economic promotional and indirect sales method.

However, you should bear in mind that the benefits of sending them are not immediate, but you must perform certain actions to achieve conversions (clicks, subscriptions, sales…).

For example, to attract users and get them to materialize in conversions, you will have to implement banners, promotional buttons or raffles, with free trial services or downloadable content, ebook type.

The last option (offer ebooks and other materials), combined with any other, is one of the ways that can bring more advantages to your business when it comes to enhancing your Personal Brand and giving a unique and distinctive brand image.

That is why I want to talk to you so you can also get the most out of it.

8 Benefits of sending ebooks, guides, tutorials, templates and other valuable content in your Newsletters

Sending your latest news to a subscriber base segmented by tastes and interests is an option that will mark a distinctive plus to your brand.

And, even more, if in these communications you include valuable content in ebook format, guide, or any other type of downloadable document, you will succeed!.

I highly recommend that, whenever you can, implement these resources in your Newsletters, and to be able to be in an easy to share format, such as PDF or Excel.

Below I describe the top 8 reasons why you should include ebooks, templates and other materials in your emails:

1. Your downloadable content will always be accessible

Even, if the server of your website or blog suffers a fall, or for any reason you still do not have a responsive web design visible on all types of devices, through your newsletter you can send your communications and downloadable with the assurance that they will always be received by subscribers (regardless of how or when they open them).

2. It is a cheap way to differentiate yourself

As I told you before, it is an economic way of promotion, but that alone can not assure us results.

Therefore, you must find a way to attract your audience with different content and, if it can be created by yourself and save you a little money, even better.

3. You can take more advantage of your valuable content

Offering an ebook, or any type of downloadable document, does not necessarily have to translate into many more hours of work.

You can always create new content, but if you manage it well and know which are your most successful articles, you can take advantage of (for example) recycle content from several of them and create a compilation ebook with a more visual and intuitive design.

4. You will generate traffic of very high quality and loyalty

Initially, it may be difficult for you to achieve a large number of subscribers for your database (and even more to identify that content that appeals to them), but once the results of your conversions translate into a high number of clicks per campaign .

Thus, you can be sure that your readers will be here to stay and will be happy to access your website to learn more about your brand.

5. You can customize your content even more

At the end of this article I will give you a brief summary of the phases you must follow to launch an effective campaign, since designing an MKT email strategy correctly will allow you to analyze the results of your conversions.

And therefore, with them, further refine your shipments thanks to the segmentation according to the different interests of your audience.

6. You will follow your audience closely

Knowing the tastes and interests of the audience through the analysis of conversions is undoubtedly an excellent benefit to follow strategies of this type, but not everything can be left in that… what about the opinions of your readers?

You may not be able to analyze everything through clicks, because remember that the mail is a bidirectional way of communication and, therefore, you can also receive answers and comments that will guide you further in the right direction.

7. Your communications will be more persuasive

Although the sale of a product or service is not the direct objective of launching a strategy or newsletter campaign, it is promoting a more persuasive means of communication that facilitates them a posteriori.

8. Ideal to build loyalty to your audience

It is another simple way to retain your audience (potential customers). Including a spreadsheet or a gift ebook can always attract your readers, who in some way will be hooked to your content and, finally, may end up becoming customers.

5 Phases to create an Email Marketing campaign through the use of a Newsletter

With this in mind, I’ll tell you about the phases you need to go through to make a powerful and professional campaign:

Preliminary phase: subscriber recruitment

Before starting with the stages of our campaign, I would like to tell you that I assume that they have already made a good strategy to attract subscribers (leads or potential clients) to generate a database in which to work.

1st Phase: Analysis

All the advantages mentioned in relation to the segmentation of campaigns and personalization of communications have their origin in a thorough prior analysis of the situation:

Who are part of your target audience? What are your interests and concerns? How can you help them? How does the competition do it? With what resources? With what budget and time do you have to provide solutions?

2nd Phase: Segmentation subscribers

Although segmentation is a task that you will be able to refine as you acquire a greater number of subscribers and obtain conclusive results, from the beginning raises who you want to reach and how you could add value to them.

3rd Phase: Planning

Although this phase may be the most complex, in reality all are (besides important). In the planning stage you should arm yourself with:

  • Tools to launch your campaigns and manage subscribers.
  • Templates to organize an editorial calendar.
  • Creative techniques and brainstorming.
  • Results measurement indices (KPIs).

4th Phase: Design of the newsletter

In this phase you will not only have to take into account the design of your newsletter (which you can design for yourself if you know a bit of HTML or using predesigned templates available in many of the email marketing tools).

It also implies the design and structure of the texts, banners, buttons or boxes that you include in your emails.

Of course, it is very important that you take care of the tone of your communications, which is known as “copywriting”, since it should be consistent with your brand, like the rest of the elements.

5th Phase: Launch and Control

Beware of shelving and leaving it aside, because you will have to track the results to control the impact and acceptance of it.


Now, we are prepared to face the strategic process of launching a more effective email campaign.

With this type of strategy we may want to achieve different objectives, but always around the loyalty of a segment of the specific audience and the strengthening of our brand image.

It is possible to get even more out of these marketing tactics through the contribution of valuable content.

And best of all, to create a newsletter is not necessary to invest large amounts of money, as we are all to a greater or lesser extent able to design our own ebooks and downloadable documents.

It is only necessary to invest a little bit of time and unleash creativity!