Now You Can Sell your Products Through Instagram

It was a matter of time before it happened. Facebook hit the nail on the head when spending $ 1 billion on Instagram in 2012. Since then, the importance of the photographic network in the field of social media has only grown, becoming essential for design, travel, or fashion firms, as well as for influencers. The big problem when exploiting its full potential is that it did not let you put links beyond the bio, making deriving the traffic from Instagram to your product files was difficult, forcing you to resort to some plugins that replicate your wall on your website, now with links. But that will not be necessary: ​​you can finally sell your products through Instagram.

It has been made available to all those who have an Instagram Shopping business account that will allow you to convert your profile into an e-commerce, with all the potential it has to take advantage of the huge network traffic as well as of impulse buying.

This is how Instagram Shopping works

In order to access this option you must meet the following requirements:

  • Update to the latest version of the app.
  • Create a company profile.
  • Have your product catalog integrated into Facebook through Shopify or BigCommerce, or directly from the Fanpage of your online store.
  • Have published at least nine photographs.

From that moment you can enter clickable labels in your publications that will take your potential client to the product page of your website using a browser integrated into the application. The process can not be simpler:

  • You create a new post with a photograph, as you have always done.
  • Click on the option “label product”.
  • You choose the product of the catalog that you have imported to Facebook.
  • And you publish the photograph.

And that’s it, your customers will be able to buy your products without leaving Instagram, something that surely many were wishing and that, in fact, you asked us often if it was possible.

Sell ​​your products through Instagram, the logical step of the social network

Mark Zuckerberg has been trying for some time start the e-commerce business, good proof of this is how you can integrate into your Facebook pages the catalog of online stores or the Marketplace that has integrated into your mobile application to buy and sell second-hand items . But the reality was that of all its products, Instagram was the ideal for such an integration.

Having a good growth strategy on Instagram was already essential for fashion or jewelry brands where they could do an exceptional job of brand image, but now that they can increase their sales directly, the presence and the investment in that in another moment It was a social network of hipsters is mandatory.

Having said all this, I suggest that if you gave importance to this network as a business opportunity for your store, now you should take it much more seriously. As much as possible, try to publish more and better content of value. Because if you do not do it for your business, your competition will already be doing it. Choose and think well what you are going to publish, keep a good frequency and edit the images to get the most attractive side possible.

I hope this post has been useful for you to know how to exploit Instagram to sell your products.