How to Integrate WooCommerce in Instagram Shopping with Pixelyoursite

The social network had become a fundamental pillar to publicize their products, but not being able to place a link to them was a great deficiency.

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For many people, the social network had become a fundamental pillar to publicize their products, but not being able to place a link to them was a great deficiency. Now that aspect is solved, and I want to explain how to integrate Instagram Shopping with Pixelyoursite.

Instagram is one of the social networks that has more options to convert to sale, which is why you should not hesitate a moment to take your time to get the most out of this option. Pixelyoursite is a tool that greatly facilitates the integration of stores developed with WooCommerce on Facebook and Google Merchant. And it will also help you to integrate it with Instagram.

Integrating WooCommerce in Instagram Shopping: an account for companies

The first thing you will need to be able to use Instagram Shopping is to have an Instagram account for companies, which have some small differences with respect to personal profiles:

  • The content will be shared with a Facebook page and not with a personal profile.
  • The biography will include a contact button.
  • It will also include the business category and a physical address.
  • You will have access to detailed metrics and the option to promote publications.
  • You will be able to tag your products in the publications.

Getting a business account is simple. You simply have to go to ‘configuration’ in any personal profile and click on “change to commercial account” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Synchronize your WooCommerce catalog with Facebook

If your store is created with Shopify or BigCommerce, the process is almost automatic thanks to the agreement between the companies, however, other popular options such as WooCommerce have been left out. This is where Pixelyoursite comes into play. It is a tool that serves fundamentally to configure the pixel of Facebook in a simple way, but also allows you to create an automated feed between your store and Google Merchant catalogs and Facebook.

Some of its benefits are:

  • Auto-mapping: the plugin will automatically extract information from the products of your store.
  • Auto-update: if something changes in your store, it will change in your Facebook catalog.
  • Optimize the images to adapt to Facebook requirements.
  • Yoast Images is integrated, so you can improve the SEO positioning of your products.

Once you have synchronized your WooCommerce catalog with Facebook, you are ready to use Instagram Shopping.

Tag your products in Instagram photos

Once you have arrived here, the rest is very easy. All you have to do is have an attractive photo of your product and:

Create a new publication with a photograph, as always.

Click on the option “label product”.

Choose the product from the catalog imported to Facebook.

Publish the photograph.

That’s it. You already have all the potential of Instagram when it comes to selling a product at your service. The best thing about this method is that you do not have to wait all day to change the data on each platform, although it is always advisable to be careful that nothing fails, but it is certainly much better than having to do it manually.