How to Gain Visibility on Instagram

Instagram has become an essential social network for many businesses with 700 million active users per month, 400 of which access the application at least once a day – compared to the 100 million that use Twitter on a daily basis. 68% of Instagram users are women, which makes it a mandatory network if you have a product or service aimed at this sector. So today I’ll explain how you can give more visibility to photos on Instagram.

All the beginnings are difficult, and much more in a social network where there is so much competition fighting to appear on the screen of a potential customer’s mobile. If on Facebook you can bet on a Ads campaign, on Instagram the hashtags are of paramount importance when it comes to reaching a larger audience.

Displaypurposes →
a tool born to know what hashtags to use in Instagram

Finding out what hashtags to use in each photograph may seem like an impossible task between such an avalanche of content. DisplayPurposes is a tool that gives us the work done. Simply put a couple of hashtags in the search box and we will offer a complete list of hashtags with the most used hashtags with which we can make our photo gain visibility and, with it, likes and new followers.

But not only will it allow us to search for hashtags by subject, it also offers us a map in which we can see which are the most used in each point of the world, not only by countries, but getting to have a great detail as we focus on a specific area of a city.

how to gain visibility in instagram with displaypurposes

Another option that DisplayPurposes offers us is to consult a graphic with the hashtags related to a certain theme. For example, if in the Graph section we look for London, ​​we will see that there are two major themes: one with hashtags used in relation to the city and Great Britain and the other, with the football teams, for instance.

Instagram is an application born in the mobile environment and almost all our relationship with the social network is done through the smartphone. As it could not be otherwise, DisplayPurposes is perfectly adapted to be consulted from the mobile phone.

Remember, that if you do not want the hashtags cloud to “stain” the copy of your photo, you can always resort to placing it in the first comment, which will have the same result and will be more hidden.

Use hashtags to build your relationship with users

One of the most important aspects of social networks is that they have a bidirectional channel, in which it is important that users participate and feel heard. Creating a hashtag and encouraging users to upload a photo of your product or restaurant can be a great way to cement this business-follower relationship.

But for users to use it, users must feel rewarded. A good way to do this is to hold contests or make discounts or, even, as Hawkers brand has done through the #HawkersFans tag, giving visibility to your Instagram account to those who used it, mentioning them and achieving a greater variety in its content.

I hope this entry has served to increase the visibility of your photos and your business.