Gamification Strategies

Marketing strategists use some of the techniques of games that can be transferred to other fields such as the world of health, education, business.

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Marketing strategists use some of the techniques of games that can be transferred to other fields such as the world of health, education, business. This has been done with different purposes, for example: increasing the subscriptions of a database, encouraging sales or simply gaining visibility. Gamification started with such strength in our lives that it has evolved from a tendency to employ punctual aspects to be integrated as an entertainment, motivation strategy and customer and collaborator loyalty.

Brands strive to spend time doing something on your website. Of course, the implementation of gamification does not happen by sitting at the computer and playing, it goes further. Let’s see a couple of examples.

Find out more about what Gamification is in this video:

Examples of gamification strategies

Nike as a manufacturer of sports products looks for that you do not stop when it comes to practicing activities. The Nike + App controls how far and fast you have run, geolocates you, shares it with your friends, etc. Nike built a set of applications that make the experience of running as close to a game. It makes it even more interesting when proposing challenges and goals with symbolic prizes in the form of trophies or digital medals.

Actions such as the ability to compete against friends encourage you to go out and run “playing”, and thus create more rewarding and rewarding experiences.

Estrategias de gamificacion nike+

Zombies Run!

It also seeks to get people to run, but in a different way. In
“Zombies Run” you are chased by an army of bloodthirsty zombies (in line with the TV series of recent times) only that here the goal is to take your smartphone and go running. While running, the game “Zombies Run” reminds you that you run away from zombies that are going for your life. You practice it with your friends and what starts as a game becomes an immersive, fun and out of the ordinary experience, half between game and sports app. The Apple Watch has already included it in its repertoire of applications.

app zombies run

Gamification as a strategy

We say that gamification is already part of the strategic gear of digital marketing because of its extensive advantages for brands. In the examples of Nike + and Zombies Run! we see how it helps to overcome the monotony that can be expected for the public not used to practicing sports. It brings fun and creates memorable experiences associated with brands by a public predisposed to share it on social networks.

Gamification is effective in reducing the times of adoption of products and services: it is shown as a great stimulus in the learning processes when increasing levels of attention.

It leads to reinforcing the branding with a closer image of a brand with which you can spend some time entertaining while bonding with it.


Speaking of gamification, we would like to tell you about MySocialME.

MySocialMe shows you your most significant features of your social personality. This application allows you to measure your level of social influence through a “Social Selfie”. In other words, the application offers the user a very complete “radiography” of the ability to influence their network of friends on Facebook by analyzing the level of interactivity throughout their social life.

This application allows: know the influence index, find out your social age, explore your level of personal satisfaction, the 5 features of social personality, interests, compare your profile with the profile of your friends and acquaintances and even discover the compatibility that You have with each one of them.

How to get to it? very simple, enter, you subscribe with your Facebook account and from the first second the application starts to analyze all your social life, from your likes, all your shares, the impact of your posts in front of your friends .. . etc. Once finished it offers you as a result your Social Selfie.

Let’s see what you think, if you want we would like to know your opinion.


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