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Facebook Workplace, a Tool for Companies

The social network aims to stop being just a place of gossip and social activities to become the preferred channel of communication with colleagues and profession with Facebook Workplace.

Facebook evolves with its products and services: after several years in the trial phase, it has just opened to the public Facebook Workplace.

They have created a version of Facebook designed according to the needs of companies and with different monthly subscription models.

Available free of charge for non-profit organizations and educational institutions, and at a “competitive price” for companies.

The network now allows users to interact in a shared space with their co-workers, without leaving out classic likes.

Mark Zuckerberg hopes that aspects such as Messenger chat, Facebook Live are more than a daily distraction and become an indispensable tool for companies.

Changes in the ways of working for companies

The idea is to create an ad-free workplace independent of the user’s personal Facebook account, a sensitive aspect for many.

ventajas de facebook workplace

Advantages of Facebook Workplace

In front of companies with presence and success in the sector such as Slack (3 million active profiles), HipChat (popular among technology companies) and Yammer (Microsoft), Facebook At Work opens in its own market full of users.

It allows group discussions, news, voice and video calls, shared work. In this release, you will not have any tool for editing documents, such as Excel or Word.

In the future they do not rule out including options with office solutions.

History of the Facebook Workplace project

For years the social network was used by Facebook employees to communicate with each other.

Workplace is a natural evolution of the internal version of Facebook of its workers.

The beta version was tested by more than 1,000 organizations from different sectors before launching for the whole world.

Although if you think about it a bit, with more than 1.7 billion users, Facebook was running out of new people to sign up on their social network.

Facebook Workpace prices

The numbers send. Facebook Workplace works under a monthly subscription model for companies and 3 different plans:

  • Companies with less than 1,000 users: 3 dollars / user per month
  • Companies between 1,001 and 10,000 users: $ 2 / user per month
  • Companies with more than 10,000 users: 1 dollar / month user

Facebook ensures that it will not require companies to sign long-term contracts and that it will keep costs down as a way of focusing on the growth of the platform.

It also launches the “Multi-Company Groups”, a functionality in which employees of different organizations can work together without the need to use their personal profile accounts.

It seems that now the social network stops being a thief of time to become a productivity tool. Time will confirm it.

Facebook Workplace, a Tool for Companies
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