Facebook Launches Local Awareness Ads to Attract Users From Your Neighbourhood

Facebook launched Local Awareness ads, an ad functionality that allow retailers to reach people who are in their area or are neighbours of their establishment.

Without a doubt, I think it is the most useful update that Facebook has done in recent months, because when it comes to making announcements, the first thing the client says is: I want to reach the people of my neighborhood! This has total logic, especially if the trade is not in a central point.

How do local awareness ads on Facebook work?

The first thing we should do is go to the ad creation tool. On the first screen, where does it appear? What types of results do you want for your ads? You have to choose the option of Local awareness ads. Next, choose your business page. For it to work, it is essential that in the information section of the page you have included the address, because otherwise there will be no reference point on which to set the distance. The minimum distance you can introduce is 1.5km, but you can extend it as much as you want. Then you can choose other aspects such as the age of those you want to impact or sex. The rest works like a normal ads campaign.

Here is an explanatory video:

Right now and more with the new Facebook algorithm that was launched in August 2014, it is more important than ever that every fan we capture for our page is really someone interested in our product and who will interact with the content. I often meet customers who say their Facebook does not work after they have invested a lot of money and when you start to investigate, you realize that they have carried out many ad campaigns to attract fans with poor segmentation (if Facebook is already poor by itself, if you do not segment well, you’re lost) and have the fan page full of zombies.

It seems that they have created an ad functionality that is really useful. At the moment the local awareness ads will only be available in the United States (as always) but they will be launched in the rest of the world in the coming months. What a desire to try it!