Facebook Messenger Launches Analytics and Will Share your Data

Now the social network has just launched analytics for Messenger boot. It assumes that application developers will receive information about the performance of their bots and will take advantage of it to improve the experience.

How does the analytics of Facebook Messenger help?

Boots are small programs that offer automated responses on their instant messaging platform. They are part of the same application and you do not need to install anything.

They are available 24 hours and have useful functions: sending information (images, links, videos, buttons to access actions), acceptance of payments, confirmation of a reservation and more. The more data they get from use, the better they act.

Boots help companies measure and optimize the user experience through mobile applications and websites.

facebook messenger bot

Privacy alert: Facebook talks about transparency

With the analytics you will obtain statistics segmented by age and sex, the time of conversation and more relevant metrics.

The network of Zuckerberg affirms that it is not necessary to worry, that the information is anonymous in its entirety and arrives directly to the developers. Like the other statistics, they access the number of messages sent

Developers will have access to reports about messages sent and received by robots. They will know who are the users who have blocked or unlocked the function.

In addition, with the new tools the developers will have the capacity to measure the general demographic data of the users. Among them, age, sex, educational level, marital status, family income and retail spending. This means that robots can be adapted according to the characteristics of the people who use them.

Facebook becomes smarter