Facebook Ads Will help Advertisers Segment the People who Buy the Most

Facebook continues to reinforce its image as Google’s serious competitor in advertising with smarter tools for advertisers.

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Facebook continues to reinforce its image as Google’s serious competitor in advertising with smarter tools for advertisers. The social network helps salespeople optimize their ads for users most likely to buy their products.

The ads on the social platforms is an interesting option for businesses, companies, professionals and brands with different objectives: sales, visibility, obtaining leads, increase of fans, etc. The algorithm that leads to impact on millions of potential customers will now have a more accurate tool.

The new features cross sales data of sellers with data from the social network itself to publish ads aimed at the profiles that spend more.

This knowledge of the users is due to two tools of the social network. One is called Value Optimization that allows advertisers to optimize their ad campaigns based on the data and purchase value that they register through the Facebook pixel. The second one is Lookalike Audiences, a set-up of an existing tool that makes it possible to search for similar users to current clients and their segmentation for campaigns.

Facebook Ads: advertisers share information

Facebook receives purchase data from its platform from some advertisers who share the information through pixel tracking. This measures which profiles are generating more sales.

Facebook expects its algorithm to take advantage of the new information provided by millions of users and optimize advertising campaigns aimed at real purchases instead of empty clicks.

With the launch of the new tools, advertisers can use the data for the first time to optimize their campaigns with a targeted segmentation towards the audience profile with the greatest willingness to buy.

In this way they avoid showing their ads to users with a lower conversion history and to reduce the risk of loss.

Google also works to provide its algorithm with enough information for advertisers to target the higher value users.

If Facebook can show in the coming months that it is driving sales, it is likely that advertisers will increase their investment in the platform.


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