Creative Marketing: Where do you Get the Ideas From?

Creativity permeates everything and everyone. The final product of a good idea comes from the mind of someone who solves a problem and continues to stumble more than once.

In advertising, design and creative marketing, we have to innovate with breakthrough proposals that add value and lead to a useful result. But we fall into the sterile terrain of the repetition of concepts that result in that disappointing sense of cloning, involuntary in most cases.

The engine of practical ideas is nourished by passion and motivation. As human beings we are distinguished by the innate mental capacity to recreate, to assume the point of view of the other, to play with the mind. We try to stimulate the imagination based on a problem and apply the result. There we find creativity.

Stages of the creative moment

The spark of the idea comes with work. Abstracting ourselves into a problem and making it almost an obsession is the first phase in the search for the long-awaited “victory!”. You take your rational side to the limit in a second stage, of frustration when hitting the wall. You still cannot connect the thought and ideas that lead to enlightenment.

In the third stage, incubation, is where you use the subconscious day and night to mature the problem as you continue your day to day.

The creative idea arises when you are not focused on the subject, but when your head flies with another activity. There you reach that fourth stage, of enlightenment. It arises out of nowhere when you least expect it while your brain is distracted by other activities.

Some say it appears while sweating down your running times, others in the shower, in a cafe, and there are those who solve the problem in dreams. The creative connection does not understand universal laws.

When you convert your idea and take it to action, complete the last stage with a useful proposal.

Creative marketing: what if it does not sell?

What happens if your idea does not sell? There are spectacular ads that bristle the skin even if they cannot sell. They leave a good taste in the mouth but we do not remember the brand and sometimes not even the product. They are memorable only for their artistic invoice.

It is not about filling shelves with prizes or adding a portfolio to an outstanding project. We talk about selling solutions and feeling proud of it.

Taken to the field of marketing, we consider the objectives and the budget. Ideas for a creative marketing appear, another story is that they fit with the times, the values ​​of the client and the budget. What a challenge!