How to Write Web Content that you Really Like and Share?

What makes people talk about something in particular and want to share it?

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I’ve been reading a very interesting book called “Contagious” (How to make your products and ideas succeed) by Jonah Berger (Marketing Professor at the University of Pennsylvania). An excellent publication that will help you understand through 6 basic principles how design contagious content. In this case I am taking this analysis of Johan to the central theme of this post. How to write web content that really likes and at the same time provoke sharing.

What makes people talk about something in particular and want to share it?

In the same way that there are delicious recipes that share ingredients such as sugar, in the field of advertising the same thing happens in viral ads and videos. They have characteristics in common and due to an extensive analysis, Jonah has come up with 6 common and simple rules that will teach us how to write content for your website or blog.

I want to comment on the first point of the book because I find it really interesting.

Use the Social Currency to write web content that you really like

What impression do people want to give when they talk about something in particular? They most likely want to appear resourceful instead of stunned, wealthy instead of needy… What we wear, eat or dress influences the perception others have of us. Now, people by nature like to share things and that in turn makes them feel good doing it. We like to tell the “cool” things that have happened to us today on our Facebook wall, the delicious dish that I am eating, the super vacations that I have stuck at Easter, the car that I have bought, the video of which everything the world speaks …

The social currency is having or knowing something “cool” that we can share and that also makes us look witty or the latest of everything. As for example, to know What is best shredded, an iPhone 8 or a Galaxy S9? It is not just about vanity. In a Harvard study (by Jason Mitchell and Diana Tamir) it was discovered that sharing information about oneself, such as talking about what you have done over the weekend, is as rewarding as eating a chocolate bar.

To make people talk about something, we must offer a social currency that encourages you to share it with your friends. We must be able to find something exceptional in our services or products and generate messages that help to cause that action we want in others. That is, to share it.

Exceptional things provide social currency. We all like to “like”. Then, sharing original stories, extraordinary announcements or entertaining videos makes the people who share it look original, extraordinary or entertaining.

The key to finding social currency in our services or products is to think about what can make something become more interesting, extraordinary and original. Find that differential point:

Generate surprise

Example: BlendTec blenders. A campaign to publicize a line of blenders.

Will it blend?: with a budget $ 50 they made micro blender videos crushing different objects, such as. golf balls, iPhone 5S, reflex cameras… The videos became viral in a few days and the brand gained a lot of visibility.

Generate intrigue or mystery

Example: Clandestine bar in New York called “Please Do not Tell” is a local hot dog bar of very good quality. They have a telephone box which you need to use, pick up the phone and dial the correct password so that you can enter.

Generate exclusivity

Example: The Barclay Prime restaurant in Philadelphia with a sandwich that cost $ 100. It was nothing more than a lobster meat sandwich with delicious bread, but they thought about the user’s overall experience and put the small price of $ 100. They made such a fuss that for several years they had something to talk about in the media. People felt privileged to eat a $ 100 sandwich.

Generate controversy

Example: The Blair Witch Project. A “Documentary” movie about a group of boys who disappeared in the mountain of Maryland in search of a supposed urban legend. The spectators when seeing the film did not know if what they were watching was true or false. The film was shot with a budget of less than thirty-five thousand dollars and raised more than two hundred forty-eight million dollars.

Games or contests

Example: Heineken. Campaign “Crack the Case“. This campaign consisted of a game that offered the consumer the possibility of getting involved with the story and the brand in a personalized way around the premiere of the movie Skyfall by James Bond.

You have to find the internal exceptionality of things to make them stand out. A blender so powerful that can crush anything, a clandestine bar in which to enter you must act as a secret agent, a sandwich so delicious that you do not mind paying 100 bucks, a movie that makes you doubt if the witches really exist or not, feel privileged to have participated in the game Crack the Case and meet Daniel Craig…

The key is to detect what makes your ideas unique to make people want to talk about it. If you really want to delve into how to write web content, I recommend that you buy the book and read it, it is not expensive and it is worth all you can get to learn from Jonah Berger.