10 Tips to Get More Followers on Facebook

One of the most effective ways to derive quality traffic to your website is by properly using your Facebook page as a platform to attract visits from the target audience of your business or company. However, to direct that traffic that you want and need to generate sales or conversions, it is vital to increase the number of followers of your FanPage.

I will tell you some clues that you should keep in mind to get more followers on Facebook in a natural and recurrent way.

Keep in mind that before starting a project I recommend that you define well who your target audience is, and once you have it clear, develop a content strategy that will add value. When I speak of value, I mean useful content that offers solutions, ideas, reflections or even playful content focused on them. I explain this because to win fans, beyond the clues that I will explain, if you do not publish content that may interest, no matter how closely you follow these instructions, you will achieve nothing.

10 pistas para conseguir más seguidores en Facebook


Do you agree?

I will indicate some tips that will help you get more followers on Facebook.

  1. Combine your post with stunning images. Facebook is a very visual network, and people go through its wall relatively quickly, so when you post something, try to make the images you use are very powerful, that provoke emotions, generate a reaction or encourage comment. We must call the user’s attention from the first second.
  2. Keep in mind the time of publication. It is very important that you have an idea of ​​when your future fans spend time on Facebook. With this we must take into account the geographical area. It is not advisable to publish at the same time if you address an audience in an American country that European. Keep in mind that if you publish at a “peak” time you will have more competition. Therefore play a little to define what is your best time of publication depending on your target. You will know that with practice, trial and error. It’s about reaching the maximum amount and quality of audience.
  3. Keep a regular frequency, if you decide to publish once a day, at the same time of publication. To give you an idea, if your readers like your publications, the ideal is that at the time they enter your account see your content. If the goal is for them to recommend your content with their friends you should appear regularly on their wall. On the other hand is a logical issue, the more you publish and do it recurrently, you will increase the reach to a larger audience, and consequently the probability of gaining more followers.
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  4. Play and experiment with your publications to learn more about your audience. There is no golden rule or a definitive recipe to generate content that causes more engagement. But what you can do is, by dint of publishing several posts, find out what your readers like most to refocus the development of your content. It’s really simple, because of the amount of likes you’ll know what your audience likes most and what. They will tell you.
  5. One of the great attributes of social networks is immediacy. That said, try to publish also current content and that is in vogue of all. I talk about commenting on an event, talking about the launch of a product, commenting on the update of some tool or application.
  6. Add attractive headlines and provoke a reaction or emotion. It is very important to develop good and original content, but it is also very important to know how to sell it well to provoke its consumption. I recommend adding calls to action in your content. On the other hand, enrich your writing with multimedia content (I talk about videos, podcast infographics or slideshare).
  7. Encourage conversation Social networks were invented to talk, to express our opinions. If a user comments on your content, reply and thank them.
  8. Be careful with the manners. It is very important to write with good spelling, and  be careful when expressing your opinions, maybe there are people who may not like what you say without realizing it. Be diligent, prudent and above all, educated.
  9. Although it seems very obvious, a good way to get more followers on Facebook is to invite your subscriber database of your blog or contacts of your company to become a fan on your Facebook page.
  10. Promote your FanPage offline.



When you have FANS, you succeed. To achieve this you must win them with content that gives them value. Offer them novel and original ideas, give them your opinion with a foundation and that is key in their minds; show your passion for what you like most, tell groundbreaking stories.