How to Win Visits on your Website Quickly?

Google’s business model is based on offering the highest quality search results to its audience.


Google’s business model is based on offering the highest quality search results to its audience. And what does this mean? Well, Google wants to answer your questions in the most real and effective way possible and -if the content it offers is the most accurate for you- you will continue using your search engine as many times as you need. I tell you this because today I want to talk to you about how to gain visits to your website quickly.

To give you an idea, Google’s algorithms have evolved over the years to the point that google can offer you the best experience and quality in your search results even taking into account your geographical situation. If you are looking for a restaurant, Google will recommend the establishments closest to you.

On the other hand, Google wants to be as “semantic” as possible and, given the case in which a web page is visited due to a published content, it will consider that this content should be interesting, useful or really playful for a niche specific market. With this, Google will give you a boost of visibility in search results so that more people can access that publication.

That said, a simple way to reach interesting peaks of traffic to our post focused on our target audience is through Facebook.

How to win visits on your website quickly? Try Facebook Ads

Directing traffic to your website from Facebook Ads is a relatively easy and simple way to generate those traffic spikes that get Google’s attention. Of course, you must offer good content to encourage your audience to click on your publications and thus take them to your website.

The dynamic is simple, you should develop content for your blog or website with a weekly frequency of X posts and share them on Facebook. In every daily publication on Facebook, Promote with X euros (with 1 €/day is enough) towards the public “People who like your page and their friends”. Of the X sponsored posts, the one that has more interactions (likes, shares or comments) is the post to which you should invest X euros to a new audience segmented by interests and by geographical area.

The post which is the most liked is the one that should have success for the new audience you want to reach.

As a result, you are not only bringing quality traffic to your website, but increasing a participatory audience on Facebook that not only leaves comments on your page but also participates in the blog, visits your website and knows your services.

This makes me reflect that most businesses tend to promote content that has less visibility to generate more impact. In my opinion and experience, I think it should be the opposite. Invest in the content that you like most. How to know it? Let your own audience decide which is the best and then you will know with more certainty where to invest.

Let’s summarize in 6 simple steps to increase traffic quickly on your website from Facebook

  1. Investigate which is the most relevant topic for your audience. How? With Buzzsumo you can know which are the most shared posts on social networks and so get an idea of ​​what content to write on your blog.
  2. Develop the contents in your blog taking into account the data that you have offered in Buzzsumo and, on the other hand, choose the keyword that most interests your target audience, taking into account the search results.
  3. Once published on your blog, share the content on Facebook as a sponsored Post. Take into account the most convenient schedule. With only 1 euro is enough. By the way, you do not necessarily have to publish every day on your blog to share every day on Facebook. Each one has the most appropriate frequency according to their time and availability. If you publish for example 2 posts a week on your blog, you can share them several times a week on Facebook by changing the headline and image. In this way you can even test which headline and image you like the most.
  4. Of the sponsored posts that you have posted on Facebook a week, the one that has more interactions is, clearly, the content that has been most liked by your fans.
  5. Re-invest in the sponsored post the amount you consider appropriate to expand and capture new traffic. This will serve both to attract more fans and capture quality traffic to the web.
  6. At the beginning of the week, start again.