How to Take Advantage of the Discussion Forums and Attract Traffic to your Website

We live in a time of accelerated increase of digital training meetings, in webinars, MOOCs, distance education… If you have not participated in any yet, it is very likely that you will do it soon.

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We live in a time of accelerated increase of digital training meetings, in webinars, MOOCs, distance education… If you have not participated in any yet, it is very likely that you will do it soon.

When you are part of a discussion with a group of potential clients, the temptation to leave the link to your website is great.

Attention: it is not about publicizing your services and making a call to your website during a chat or private Facebook groups.

It is not about you, but about them.

Many professionals began to make themselves known through their participation in communities and forums. They offered useful content that answered questions and queries during a thread of conversation, with a vision of support from their position of greater experience on a topic.

The focus is to show you with a sociable and participatory profile, concerned about solving doubts and getting answers for a community. A way to capture the attention and start attracting web traffic, increase followers in social networks and receive proposals to participate in other blogs and digital meetings.

Guide to take advantage of the discussion forums

Simple but effective ideas to squeeze the chat from a training forum and attract web traffic

  1. Do not break the topic of the forum thread. You may be tempted to get the discussion to a field where you feel safer and can demonstrate your expertise. But do not do it, the messages outside the subject confuse the participants and divert them from the original path through which they signed up for the formation.
  2. Keep track of interesting queries. The chat is a source of first quality on the subjects that concern the participants. Write down the comments and consider them to develop in your blog content strategy.
  3. Tap the most interesting comments. A “like” is a good way for quality messages to increase their dissemination and be seen by more participants. If you can add value, add a comment or an answer that drives the conversation.
  4. Guest Blogging. When you find an interesting conversation take note of the person who publishes it, visit his blog and evaluate if he is a candidate to be a guest on your blog or you in his.
  5. Comment. If you disagree with a topic, express your point of view, always with respect.
  6. Write clearly. Make sure your ideas are understood by everyone. Use a plain language and avoid jargon and localisms that may confuse the reader from other parts of the world. The answers with irony or humor are not always understood by everyone and can be misinterpreted.
  7. Contextualize. If you present a question, try to put it in context. Include enough information for the new reader and verify that it has not been treated before.
  8. Cite the source. Remember to mention the author when you write an idea of ​​other people.
  9. Do not be a spammer. Try to leave your services aside in the discussion. Let the participants themselves be interested in reading your contributions on the platform. Let the participants themselves be interested in you as they read your contributions in your interventions. Do not become a spammer.
  10. Broadcast the event. If the webinar gives what it promises, write about it in your own blog and recommend it.
  11. Learn. Remember that you also get knowledge in a forum. Follow with an open attitude and let yourself be taught.

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