Google Pigeon, the Google Algorithm

Google has always strived and will continue to strive to offer us the best experience in search results. Therefore, Mr. Google is always at the forefront of his algorithms. We already know his constant updates with funny names (they look like nice pets), Google Panda, Google Penguin and Google Hummingbird. They are dedicated to prioritize the authentic content and quality over which is artificially made to improve the positioning of a website.

Discovering Google Pigeon the new PALOMA algorithm

It is an algorithm that simply specializes in offering the best local search result.

Google Pigeon prioritizes the results of local pages and businesses closest to your location. It offers you results based on your geolocation and favors those results in Google Maps. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant, thanks to Google Pigeon, it will search for you in the first results the Italian restaurants closest to your neighborhood or city.

But not everything is so simple, since this algorithm favors websites with good SEO practices, both SEO on page and off page. But beware, it also prioritizes the directories of companies or local businesses.

What does that mean? that now more than ever we must do Backlinks strategy in the related directories.

I advise you to be aware of which are the most relevant local directories in your sector to add your business or local website. In this way you will drive more quality traffic to your website.

If you want to know more about how Google Pigeon and its PigeonRank ™ technology works, press here.


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