Positive Backlinks: How to Make Natural Link Building

For SEO is extremely important, because the more backlinks your website has, Google understands that you are relevant

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A very usual concern once you have the web in production, is to gain visibility through search engine positioning as soon as possible in order to reach the competition and move to first position.

I recommend a simple and quick strategy, on the one hand to make a Google Adwords campaign during a reasonable time to determine and verify the most appropriate keywords,. Develop sector content and make a strategy of natural link building. In other words, that other websites recommend you.

What is a backlink?

Let’s start with this basic concept, it is called backlink to external links from other websites that point to your website. To give you an idea, it is as if from other websites they speak and recommend your page through a link. For SEO is extremely important, because the more backlinks your website has, Google understands that you are relevant and this makes you upload positions in search results.

Natural link building

It is a series of actions or good practices to get other pages to recommend your website. These backlinks can point from any section of your website, your blog post or directly to the home of your site.

Actually these actions are more common than they seem, in fact we see it on a daily basis on the internet. Every time you read a post on a blog of any topic, probably to give accuracy of what they are talking about, quote the source with a link. The fact of citing the source with a link is gaining a backlink.

It must be said that backlinks have quality levels. Google takes into account the quality level of the link. If the website you are recommending is an online authority such as a university, a newspaper or a well-known blogger, Google will understand that the link pointing to your website is of high quality and this will favor the global positioning of your website. It is as if an eminence or a recognized person recommended your work or your business. The quality of the links that redirect to your website is worth more than the quantity.

Keep in mind that web pages that recommend the contents of your site should be consistent with what is being discussed. The link must have a real relationship and you will see with the linked content.

Artificial back links

Some time ago, you could buy backlinks to gain fast positioning, these are the famous “artificial backlinks”. Nowadays Google penalizes the web that uses this strategy. To give you an idea, Google in its eagerness to offer the highest quality in the search results is constantly updating and improving its algorithms. One of these updates is the well-known “Penguin” which benefits natural links and penalizes purchased links, penalizes fraudulent practices in SEO, abuses of keywords and links to the same anchor text. In other words, if you buy links to gain fast positioning, for Google they are “negative links”, and if you realize it will sanction your website further decreasing your positioning, it will make you lose visibility and organic traffic.

How to do natural link building.

The strategy of “positive links” in a natural way is not simple, it requires time and dedication. Starting from the base that we develop content of value in our web page, before starting to spread them it is highly recommended to make a good SEO in the content. That is to say that all the labels “Meta titles” and “Meta description” are well placed, the links with the anchor text well elaborated, the images well described, the labels H1 and H2 of the placed content, among other things.

Once these measures are implemented, you must spread the content to attract quality traffic to your website. There are several ways to spread it, in this case we will tell you some tips so you have a better idea of ​​how to make natural link building. That is, make other websites or bloggers recommend your content.

You will see how your positioning will go up!

Natural link building strategies

For a natural link building strategy the quality of the links is always more valued and with difference to the number of links. With which he tries to be as natural as possible in these practices. The idea is relatively simple, get other websites in the sector and have more seniority and online domain authority that your page recommend your content through a link.

If you have a restaurant, art gallery, store … ask bloggers to write about your services or events. In restaurants, it is common to invite bloggers to taste the best dishes and in return they are asked for an objective review from their blog. This is perfectly extrapolated to other sectors, if you have an ecommerce of your own products, invite bloggers specialized in your sector to write about your products or services by exchanging the same products. This strategy is very common in the field of fashion, health, well-being, and restoration.

GestBlogging, is one of the most effective techniques to achieve quality natural links. It is about asking other bloggers to allow you to write on your blog as a guest blogger and in return a link to your website. Yes, study well of which blog is, if it is relevant in the sector and if it has significant traffic so that it is worth investing time that involves the writing of the post. This practice is a win-win since the owner of the blog earns valuable content and you as a guest blogger gain a quality backlink to your website.

On the other hand try to write content on your blog mentioning content to authors of other blogs to give truth to what you are talking about. Once this post is published, invite or mention this post + author so that he knows you have mentioned them. It is very likely that the aforementioned blogger who thanks you mentioned in their channels or mentioned you from a comment on your blog.

You can dynamize your posts and make them known by commenting on the posts of other bloggers.

Another way is to add the description of your company with a link to your website in specialized directories of the sector. Some of them must pay a monthly fee, for this case you have to see if it is worth it or not depending on your position or relevance online.

If you generate audio content (like podcast), you can upload content on the following platforms and in this way you will get links to your website:

Making content in the form of infographics and sharing it from these places is also interesting. As I said before, try to vary the upload of content on different platforms, instead of always using the same.