Why is it a Good Idea to Include Social Proof in Your Ecommerce

If you are looking for the final push that your visitors need to complete the purchase, the social test is an effective and economic action which will help you.

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If you are looking for the final push that your visitors need to complete the purchase, the social test is an effective and economic action which will help you. An intelligent resource to awaken the interest of your audience and help them decide. Let’s see what types of social tests you can include and how to get it.

What is social proof

What is one of the first questions that you value when booking at a restaurant?

Opinions consulted in different media are called social proof and are relevant in the management of a brand’s online reputation.

A practice that is consolidated is to search, read and analyze the comments of former clients who value with their experience the product that we are considering to acquire. Even for less important decisions such as the choice of a film in the cinema, we rely on the criticism and comments of those who already saw it.

We pay attention to valuations of strangers, perhaps because we have always sought a decision in some consensual way, a push with some certainty in which responsibility is shared.

We are social beings, we like to listen and ask for advice from friends and family, and we base our decisions on the experiences of others, especially when we are not sure of what we are considering buying.

Today it is almost a habit for consumers to consult sites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp or see the comments on the same website before reaching the last stage of purchase.

Online stores can significantly increase your conversions if you use the social test resource.

How to get a social test

One of the fastest ways to get a testimony social test is to ask for it. With a sincere and direct text, request a written or video comment if the format of your website supports it. It will depend on the objective and the type of audience of the web.

One way to stimulate the action is to award a prize, such as a discount on the next purchase, some free samples or access to a course, if applicable.

Over time we have developed a special sense of smell to detect false or exaggerated testimonies. The adulterated description is noted and generates rejection. Some sites include the opinion of a “verified buyer” to grant greater support to the information.

The testimony must be useful: the type of comment that poses a specific problem of the potential client and solves it is ideal.

Types of social proof

There are different types of social proof. Let’s see 5 types described by the specialist in email marketing platforms Ed Hallen.

Expert social test

It is the credible testimony because it comes from a source of authority. The product is approved by a specialist or an expert user and can come from social networks, a post on the blog or a press release.
It is the type of opinion used by beauty products, the food or health sector that need support to guarantee the efficacy of the product.

Social proof of a famous

Perhaps the most popular option in luxury brands, fashion and sports. The celebrities who provide a testimony are of great influence to the public. Celebrities are also associated with the sponsorship of specific products.

User social test

The opinion of a user is the most direct testimony and the least controllable from the brand. The experience on the web can end in a positive or negative opinion. In the latter case, the testimony can be countered with a solution or clarification, never eliminating the opinion.

Social proof of the crowd

With this type of social test the consumer is influenced by hundreds of comments and ratings by score. It shows popular opinion and is very common in sites like Amazon with large volumes of transactions.

If you are looking for ways to awaken your audience’s interest and guide them through the conversion cycle, these types of social tests will be helpful. Do you have any other to share?


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