Tips to Promote the Content of a Blog and Increase Web Traffic

The battle to attract visits to a blog is very hard. Every day millions of people write quality content that competes for the interest of readers in a silent race that has no rest.


The battle to attract visits to a blog is very hard. Every day millions of people write quality content that competes for the interest of readers in a silent race that has no rest. You invest time and resources in creating a valuable product but without the impulse that amplifies the visits it will be insufficient to reach the business objectives.

It is important to know how to promote a blog article and what are the alternatives in a content dissemination strategy. Today we share 7 tips to promote the content of a blog.

Some specialists recommend applying the 80/20 strategy in the management of the time allocated to the content. It means that in practice 20% of the time you must devote to produce and 80% to the promotion.

Surely you thought that the normal is the opposite. Did you know that about 60 million new blog entries are generated per month on the WordPress platform alone? Now you will understand why the recommendation between creation and promotion of content.

Amplify blog posts

The promotion of content for your target audience can be by natural (organic) or paid (advertising).

We start from the base that the created content has a series of important features if we look not only for visits but also some type of user action with predetermined objectives (loyalty, purchase of product or service, share an article …).

Control these aspects of your content

  • Content quality: verify that it is relevant to your audience: does it provide useful information? Does it clarify some complex process?
  • Legibility: check that it is easy and attractive to read. Include images, write short paragraphs; Consider adding other resources such as videos or infographics; create external links that expand information; use frequent titles and subtitles.
  • Optimized for searches: appropriate keywords ensure a natural positioning over time. Includes hook titles and useful meta descriptions.
  • Easy to share on social networks: not only quality content is necessary, but attractive images that facilitate promotion through social channels. Create content with social networks in mind.
  • Call to action: perhaps the objective of the article is only to share a curiosity, but this does not exclude the inclusion of a call to action by the reader. Subscribe to the blog, share, download an ebook…

Once adjusted the quality parameters of your article, it is time to promote it.

Useful tips to promote the content of a blog

1 Subscribers

Those who already follow you deserve to be the first to know your new content as well as promotions and advantages. They are the most interested in accessing a new article in your blog.

It is possible that you still do not have any product that interests you to market and you do not care about subscribers from the first day. Maybe in a year your means of income is just visits and the sale of advertising. Do not waste the opportunity to win a new subscriber.

2 Company’s social networks

Share your content without automation tools that send the same message to all your channels. Each social network has its own codes and your community expects you to respect them. Imagine including a specific Twitter hashtag that will appear in a professional network like Linkedin.

If you mentioned a blog or specialist in an article, remember to also name it when sharing on social networks.

In social networks, save time with programming, not with automation.

Stay tuned to the social networks specific to your sector and those used by your target customer.

It is not a matter of opening a profile everywhere, but of investing time in the most profitable spaces in terms of audience for you.

Make lists, participate in strategic groups in your sector, find groups related to your theme and join actively.

  • Video: a presentation of the article itself in video format is also easy to share and extends the scope of what is written. You can also explain the full article itself in this format and upload it on your YouTube channel. It means opening new entry doors for interested users.
  • Facebook Ads: high segmentation is also useful to attract traffic to your blog. Optimize your budget by testing which entry has the most impact among those who already follow you and then invest in promoting it among a new audience
  • Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads: although the ads can be more complex to manage, if your sector and objectives require it, try them.

3 Other formats

It is interesting to diversify the content to make it reach people who prefer alternative modes of consumption: PDFs, video or sound fragments, SlideShare, or maybe an ebook with articles grouped by theme.

4 Participate in forums

The forum is a rich source of information that brings together enthusiasts of a specific sector and that sometimes mutates -in practice- to the social network. It is a space full of opportunities to share your blog and increase traffic with a sector interested in what you write. If you are a specialist your opinion is worth much to the forum and you will become a reference.

5 Participate in other blogs

Even the blogs of your competitors are an important place to let you know and contribute your experience. Consider that they will do the same and both spaces will be enhanced.

These recommendations to promote the content of a blog help activate your articles and generate greater reach to your brand.