Is your Online Store Reliable?

How many seconds does it take to get a first impression of an online store?

Human beings have an evolutionary capacity to determine in a few seconds if someone is a threat. We analyze their features, tone of voice, their gestures and form a quick opinion to decide if we can trust or not.

On a website something similar happens.

The Online Trust Seal is a hallmark that brings transparency to the business process and reinforces conversions.

I do not buy in this online store because…

The visitor does not want suspicious commercial proposals. Why will you choose a site where you do not feel protected?

It’s not worth everything on the Internet. Consumers now have a trained digital intuition to filter websites and they use many resources.

Forums, communication in social networks, blog or social tests give us clues to get an idea of ​​the trust of the site. The information on the page, the contact telephone number and the identification of those responsible also reinforce the sense of security.

However, there are other sensitive factors to pay attention to. What do they do with our personal data? Where to claim if the product is not of the expected quality? How do I act if the shipment does not arrive?

If you are looking to increase sales it is necessary that your online store transmits real security to visitors. Let’s see what the Seal of Trust Online is and how it works.

What is the Online Trust Seal

It is a badge awarded by an authorized associations. It is only received by companies that comply with ethical and responsibility protocols.

If the ecommerce does not meet the requirements, the association will indicate the necessary changes to implement to achieve it.

If the website complies with the requirements, the seal ensures the transparency and credibility of the adhered site.

The websites distinguished with the digital seal ensure a commitment to action in data management, commercial communications and security in sales processes.

A company with the Trust Seal is committed to promoting good practices on the Internet.

The Seal responds to claims. The body that manages the seal acts as a mediator between a client and supplier without costs for the client.

Who can request the Seal of Trust Online

All individuals or public and private entities that have a commercial, institutional or corporate website.

To achieve this, it must be adhered to and comply with the ethical code.

The Seal increases the positioning in Google

The organization ensures that it improves positioning in Google thanks to the double redirection between the Confianza Online page and other adhered websites.

What does the ethical code of the Seal of Trust require?

Example of some of the requirements:

Prohibition of email harvesting:

It is forbidden the massive or indiscriminate collection of email addresses in web pages or online services through any technology or medium.


On the Internet, advertising may not impede the free navigation of the user on the Internet.


Any contribution made by a public or private entity to the financing of the website may not influence the editorial content.

Delivery times:

Inform about delivery time in case of delay or impossibility of complying with the established deadlines. The consumer has the right to recover without undue delay what he would have paid if he so wishes.

Security and means of payment:

The ecommerce should provide consumers with simple and safe payment mechanisms and make all the necessary efforts to keep abreast of developments in this field. Adopt appropriate and trustworthy security systems to safeguard the security, integrity and confidentiality of financial transactions and payments.

Personal data protection:

Respect the current regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

Use personal data only when they are appropriate for the legitimate purposes determined for which they were obtained.

Ensure the privacy of users, the secrecy and security of personal data with the adoption of necessary technical and organizational measures.

Use of cookies:

The data will be used in a dissociated way and never individualized or related to the personal data of the users. The information obtained can not be associated with the identified or identifiable person without the user’s consent.

Resolution of controversy:

The entities with the Seal are attached to the Confianza Online Association and submit to their extrajudicial dispute resolution system.

A stamp by company name:

If you have several web pages you will have to register them independently.

Trust is gained over time. An Online Seal generates a good first impression, improves work practices and brings transparency to the management of the business.