How to Increase the Frequency of Purchases of your Online Store

The higher the frequency of visits, the greater the probability of sales.

If we say that recurrence is a necessary factor to increase conversions, how to make a user visit an online store again? How to convert punctual visits into frequent ones?

It is reasonable to assume that the success of leading stores is due to multiple factors. A mix of actions with a common element that triggers recurrence: the good shopping experience.

An online store that guarantees a better shopping experience will increase your chances of new visits from the same user.

If we know that the cost of acquiring a new visit is high, why not apply a strategy to revisit it?

How to make a user visit an online store again?

I propose unique or complementary actions:

Blog for an ecommerce

If you have not yet included a news space or articles of interest to your typical buyer, you are missing visiting opportunities. A new content created on the blog is an excellent way to create a link with your customers, facilitate visits and at the same time help position your website on Google.

Random product sheets

It includes a random system of presentation of your products in each visit. When the products of the page are arranged in a random way, the user has the opportunity to know new references and generates the feeling that there is always something else to discover.

Surprise discounts

Proposing temporary discounts without prior notice strengthens the action of recurring visits. It includes a tab for discounts and promotions and seeks the alternation of products.

Coupons to use with limited time

When finalizing a purchase, it offers a coupon of discount with expiration date or that is bound to a special day. This action generates a positive effect thanks to the proposed savings and creates a clear sense of profit.

Email marketing

The periodic contact with information about new products, specific dates (Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Valentine’s Day, etc) and offers work when taking visits to the store.

Wake up expectation

A point of intrigue in the launch phase of new product is a powerful way to generate expectation. Lean on the blog and social networks to spread the right information (filter a name, give a date …).


Gamification is a tool that connects with users and allows them to participate voluntarily in a proposed activity. A real example implemented by diligent was the creation of a digital Advent Calendar for a hotel chain. The users visited the web every day during the 24 proposed by the game.

Drive conversation

Create a community around your product or service. From the web it promotes conversation and facilitates the space for the exchange of ideas among users.
A forum within the web or a commentary area by themes or products stimulates conversation and debate, and achieves the goal of increasing recurring visits.

These proposed actions are only functional if the shopping experience is satisfactory. It guarantees an intuitive and clean navigation, it takes care of the mobile optimization, it speeds up the loading speed, it clearly informs about the return policy and the shipping costs. Listen and respond always. Keep in mind that attracting a new client costs ten times more than ensuring their loyalty.

As you have already seen, maintaining customer satisfaction levels and earning their trust is not a one-day job. It takes time to apply a strategy that encourages the recurring visit, but if you get it you will have taken a huge step in the path of success of your online store.