What do I Need to Open an Online Store?

Who decides to undertake digital commerce must understand that you need planning if you are looking for a constant flow of income.

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Who decides to undertake digital commerce must understand that you need planning if you are looking for a constant flow of income. A trip that will be easier if you know where you want to go.

Starting an online business brings hope and motivation for the creation of a new project, but it is not free of uncertainties. In this way some will succeed and many will fail for different reasons, not necessarily linked to the lack of initial capital.

Knowing the market and the public are necessary elements for entrepreneurship.

If you already have a good idea and a business plan, start the creation of the online store!

What do I need to open an online store?

Name and corporate image

Around the choice of the name the brand and the development of the corporate image will be associated. A name for an online store, just like a physical company, requires verification of certain considerations.

  • That is not associated with something negative: meaning in another language, a brand from another sector with the same name, etc.
  • Short and memorable.
  • Creative.
  • Free of copyright infringement.

Once determined:

  • Register the brand.
  • Purchase of domain: it does not have to be “.com” there are territorial domain extensions and others associated with the activity (.edu, .shop, .hotel, etc).
  • Open social channels

Positioning: how you want to be perceived

A coherent design and communication consistent with the declared values ​​should reflect the products you sell and the public you are targeting.

A professional designer will create an image that represents the business and differentiates itself from the competition. A creative writing will help to find the voice of the company, to connect with people and to communicate why the company does what it does, indispensable to reach a deeper level in the relationship.

Choice of platform for an online store

According to the characteristics of the product and the number of references, comes the choice of the right platform to build the store.

We need to consider the cost of implementation, the ease of management by the user, the ability to customize, security, the developers behind the platform to ensure a sustained evolution over time.

Communication plan: strategies and actions

Marketing is fundamental to the success of ecommerce. It will be the tool to attract the public, turn them into customers and retain them to come back for more.

A communication plan will define a global strategy for ecommerce and plan the actions to be developed.

  • What kind of content to create?
  • What social networks to use?
  • Where to impact with advertising?
  • How to achieve better positions in Google?

Within the management of ecommerce you can outsource all those tasks for different reasons (complexity, lack of time, ignorance) that should not intervene in a first phase. Focus on empowering your idea and coordinating your collaborators.

These 4 big points when starting with your online store are important, as well as taking the first step to start a project.

For the implementation of your ecommerce it is not necessary that everything is optimized from the first day. On the other hand, it is essential to design a good plan that leads us to formulate the right questions to implement successfully and to keep the focus on the objectives.