Tips to Improve the Productivity of your Blog

Starting with your blog is simple. Creating habits to write frequently is more difficult.

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Starting with your blog is simple. Creating habits to write frequently is more difficult. The lack of time, the difficulty to maintain the focus or the problems when choosing the topics affect personal productivity and make the blog ineffective as a marketing resource.

It’s a reality: when you’re in charge of your own blog, you’re your own boss. All decisions are on your own, so productivity should be a priority, always. We know that making the most of the time possible in front of the computer and creating a useful and interesting article for your audience is demanding.

The good news is that there are no secrets to being a productive blogger. It is about constancy and habits before writing that lead us to maintain the pace of work, even after a hard day.

Nor do we hope to transform ourselves into a life hacker, people who have taken solutions to everyday problems to unimaginable levels. But add rituals that make the difference, and over time, internalize these changes to become habits.

We have compiled some of the tips that can help you better carry your blog:

Tips to optimize your writing time

Choose your best moment

The important thing is the quality of the time dedicated to writing and ideally they should be away from stressful moments.

Most people are more productive early in the morning. Upon awakening, our brain is free of all the daily load, and is more productive at that time before checking emails and reading the news.

If your article requires full concentration, try to do so at the beginning of the day.

Set routines

Create a series of habits before sitting down to write. They accustom the mind and help to focus on the task.

This is a difficult part, but to achieve a goal you have to develop regular rituals that become habits. You will end up feeling better about what you achieve and begin to associate those positive feelings with the act of writing.

Ordered space

A chaotic desk is a huge source of distraction. Here we talk about the physical and the virtual. In the same way that the mind tends to organize and clean unnecessary and dispensable memories, an orderly space leaves room for concentration helps to avoid distractions.

Distractions outside

Use the 6-meter rule, designed to ward off temptations. It is based on putting at a distance of not less than 6 meters all those elements of distraction (of course, the mobile also). This decreases the impulse to check or respond to messages.

You can also use specific plugins to block social network notifications. The objective is to sit down to the computer as a work tool exclusively, at least for a few hours.

Silence vs Music

There are those who need absolute silence to concentrate. Other music that helps them focus. Whatever your preference, technology is your ally.

Find the right music or sound to create the perfect atmosphere that favors better performance is easy.

Try these three useful resources:


Collect sounds of nature, such as rain and sea. You can even customize your own environment through a sound mixing console.


One of the classic applications. Ideal for soothing sounds like the flow of water or crack of firewood.

Binaural Beats Therapy

If your thing is concentration by binaural waves, this is your application.


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