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Optimize the Speed of your Website and Improve all Quality Indicators

We are worried about the browsing experience. If we make our users wait, they are more likely to leave the web, not to perform the expected conversion and we will offer a negative indicator that Google considers for the overall quality of the site and affects the costs of digital advertising.

An optimized web page offers great advantages:

  • Increase the time spent on the website
  • Offers reasons for future visits
  • It shows a more professional aspect
  • Improve SEO
  • Increase the quality of the page and optimize the cost of advertising on Google
  • Create a better experience for clients and predispose to positive comments and evaluations
  • No reason to visit the competition

Here we detail the actions we take to optimize the web:

– Web testing and optimization for PageSpeed, Pingdom and GTMetrix metrics

A service that responds positively to the reference tools in the world of metrics. One of these is PageSpeed ​​from Google, created to analyze and evaluate the web loading speed and show suggestions for optimization.

On the other hand, Pigdom. This tool has a very complete web performance management service, although its most popular function is the speed test where it gives its own score.

GTMetrix is ​​one of the most complete tools. It indicates which elements are taken into account (and that interfere) in the calculation of the speed, among them Total Page Size, that is to say, a metric that indicates the total weight of the URL analyzed; and Page Load Time, or the loading speed of the page calculated in seconds

– Optimization of the use of images

It is clear that the quality of a web’s images project brand professionalism and a positive user experience. If we take into account that mobile devices are already navigating more than desktop computers, the optimization of multimedia images and texts in a limited space becomes essential.

Improving this web indicator reinforces the content of the web, favors the load ranking and Google image search. Therefore, increases traffic to your website.

– Compression of images

We seek to improve the quality of the images and reduce the size so that the load is fast while still looking good. This is compression WITHOUT loss of quality.

Many tools decrease the size while affecting their quality.

We work with the JPEG, PNG, GIF formats, the most common ones, but also others linked to design websites, such as TIFF, PCX, TGA.

– Adaptation to avoid scripts and blocking styles

Scripts are programming codes added to a web page that allows the execution of routine tasks. Its action sometimes slow down the browser and even block it.

The service takes the measures from programming to avoid harmful action that affects the performance of the web.

– Minimization of scripts and styles

In this case the unnecessary spaces of the code (minimization) are eliminated in order to reduce its size and speed up the load. This acts on blank spaces, tabs and line breaks.

In terms of styles, minimization reduces the size of downloaded files and accelerates loading.

– Configuration of page compression

Preparation of web pages with the adaptation of all the necessary parameters for the compression of pages.

– Browser cache configuration

This section makes reference to the browser cache, that space occupied as you visit web pages and that helps a faster load. Web files, images, commands, stored cookies, although they speed up web loading, they also saturate the space.

– Optimization of load through cache

Related to the previous point, we configure the cache to recover the information in an intelligent way: accelerate the load, control the errors and increase the reliability by optimizing the load times.

Optional: CDN configuration

The CDN (Content Delivery Network) or network of servers spread all over the world fulfill the function of caching the content of a website. In this way, a user accesses from the most optimized server for that task.

They are necessary above all for web pages with high traffic or ecommerce in which speed penalizes the business.

Optimize the Speed of your Website and Improve all Quality Indicators
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