Increase the Sales of an Ecommerce with Online Advertising

“I want to increase the sales of an online store and want it to be positioned in Google.”

We hear this phrase every day with questions about ecommerce projects that need to start selling fast or will no longer be viable. When time is tight, online advertising becomes a central element for business strategy.

Therefore, compared to the traditional form of advertising (sector magazines, radio ads, guides, yellow pages, newspapers …) small ecommerce choose to advertise on the web and mobile and try new options to make themselves known.

Discover the types of online advertising that adapt to the needs of the online store, optimize resources and offer more conversion possibilities.

Increase the sales of an online store: the strength of online advertising

There are many differences between a type of advertising offline or traditional and online. But the increase in the cost of traditional strategies and the fall in their effectiveness have been decisive in the decision of businessmen. The advantages are many.

Advantages of online advertising for ecommerce


Starting an online campaign is easy for most with some basic knowledge. This does not mean that they are optimized or that the user can implement the full capacity of the tool, but it is the beginning.

Facebook is the most intuitive platform to show examples that can be published in one click.

Traditional advertising, in addition to being more expensive, is aimed at larger companies and is managed by a media agency.


Instead of impacting a majority not interested in what you have to offer, online marketing aimed at potential customers is one of the main advantages of this type of advertising.


A good way to check if a product will have an outlet on the market is to launch an advertising campaign with controlled investment. A sample in the market that sheds data on how the audience responds to sales and comments.

With the analysis of the new information, take a greater commitment to the project, redirect or discard, without this ruining the entrepreneur.

Real-time adjustments

The live monitoring capability enables us to adjust the campaign in real time: images, copy, segmentation, investment, increase the bid, pause … can be edited in search of the conversion.

Analysis of data

In digital campaigns, measurement is accurate. Each click provides information with whose analysis we will know the return on investment (ROI), we will know what works and what does not, and what are the determining variables.


The format and online advertising platforms do not stop evolving. This allows us ease of tracking, segmentation, analysis and creativity when it comes to reaching our ideal client.

As a result of this evolution, platforms have ads according to objectives: get followers, send an email within the social network, complete a form, download a file, share a video, sponsor a blog article, suggestions to follow a profile that matches the target audience.

Some of the platforms and ways to advertise

Google Adwords

  • Google Adwords search network
  • Google Adwords display network
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • Mobile advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Advertising by reservation in Youtube
  • Gmail ads

Social networks

  • Facebook Ads
  • Advertising on Twitter
  • Instagram advertising
  • Linkedin Ads


  • Affiliate marketing
  • Collaborative Advertising in blogs (sponsored)

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