How to Measure Analytics in Social Networks

To know if your number of followers has grown, which publications seem to show better performance or at what time is better to publish, you use analytics’ tools.

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What methods do you use to obtain meaningful statistics in your social media marketing?

To know if your number of followers has grown, which publications seem to show better performance or at what time is better to publish, you use analytics’ tools. But it is not always easy to access real information and quickly.

If there is an element that requires time is the manual execution of statistics of an online business.

Much of the success of automation applications work on that tedious feeling when it comes to obtaining information.

The management of social media marketing statistics demands a lot of time. How can you do everything manually?

The systematization of tasks in marketing means a saving of time and greater precision.

How do you handle all this?

Today we have many tools on the Internet that, once set in motion, will take care of all those tedious tasks of social networks, so that you can focus on encouraging participation through creative publications.

We have selected 4 useful ways to learn analytics in social networks

The chosen ones are of a determining utility and that help to make sense of the actions in social networks.

The are loads of tools available. The choice depends on the needs of each one and the type of platform you manage.

Paying attention to the analytics of social media is the way to verify if the performance is up to the objectives proposed in social networks.

1. Facebook Insights

The native Facebook tool shows the complete statistics of the platform. It is free and gives us data to understand what is working and what is not on our page.

They provide key information to optimize the actions and help to understand the progress of the publication, demographic information of the fans.

To access the statistics, click on the Insights tab in the menu bar at the top of your Facebook page (the menu bar is only visible to the administrators of the page).

Analytics of the actions on the page:

The information you will see:

  • Total number of actions on the page
  • Number of people who have clicked on the CTA button
  • Number of people who clicked to get directions
  • Number of followers who clicked on the phone number
  • How many clicks did you receive in the web link?

2. Instagram Insights

Analytics or Insights of the social network of photography, is the internal tool that offers a wide range of information about your profile, messages, stories and announcements. Shows statistics for business accounts with data such as the location of followers, best time slots to publish, sex and age, number of followers acquired or most active moments of followers.

To access these statistics you have to convert your personal profile into a business profile.

3. Twitter Analytics

The analysis tool to learn about your publications your audience. It provides a clear summary of statistics, impressions, interactions, favorites, the behavior of users (how they act against hashtags, images, videos, calls to action), discover influential profiles.

To access the analytics of Twitter, once inside Twitter click on profile and configuration and followed in analytics.

4. LinkedIn Analytics for business

LinkedIn has analytics for individuals and for business. The latter includes useful metrics to evaluate the impact of the messages, the breakdown of information of the followers and the growth of the number of followers. The native statistic of LinkedIn gives us key information to know the current and potential contacts of the brand.
It is divided by sections, the most important:

  • Updates: we visualize the latest updates where we can obtain data from the publications. Preview, date of publication, to whom it was addressed (personalized group, or to all), if the update was sponsored, the number of people who saw the update, the number of clicks received (in content, logo, company name), the number of interactions.
  • Followers: total followers, demographic information, professional data (company size, position, sector …)


An interesting expert tool to the natives is Simply Measured. This payment platform that analyzes social media and simplifies the study of activities and presents them in dynamic reports in Excel or PowerPoint. It is used by small businesses and large corporations as a complete solution for measuring and generating reports. It provides a complete picture of networking efforts.

These tools are useful for analyzing the status of your social accounts. But remember that before you must have a social media plan with details of the proposed objectives.