How to Integrate your Online Store in Amazon

Amazon is the largest online store in the world. Many people do not search in Google what they want to buy, they look for it directly in Amazon. It is a website that everyone knows, that everyone knows how it works, with prices that are not expensive, well designed and where people trust. The exceptional customer service has made it, for many people, the first option when buying something online. Luckily for the competition, it has not closed in on itself. That’s why I want to explain how to integrate your online store in Amazon.

Probably there is not a showcase in the world bigger than Amazon, with millions and millions of searches no longer daily, at the time. Being present in this huge market will allow you to arrive very quickly to many customers who otherwise would never have come to your store, something that is especially interesting in case of new stores that still do not have the name or enough traffic. This will allow you to grow quickly.

In addition, being linked to the domain of Amazon (one of the most powerful in the network) will also bring you great SEO benefits, allowing you to appear in the top positions of Google).

PrestaShop: integrate your online store in Amazon almost automatically

PrestaShop is one of the platforms that makes the process of integrating your online store in Amazon easier. The modules of this platform are ideal for this process, which Amazon “reads”, automatically detecting the stock or price changes or offers. This allows you to be aware of only your store, without having to change the data in two stores. Prestashop App / Amazon

A great advantage is that if there is a physical store, PrestaShop allows you to integrate your ERP with both the online store and Amazon.

Shopify: offers Premium services

In 2015, Shopify and Amazon reached an agreement that allowed a huge integration of the different stores. Any store made with Shopify could use Amazon’s payment gateway almost automatically. As in the case of Prestashop, Amazon will automatically detect any change in prices or stock, modifying it in the product file automatically. App Shopify/Amazon

But perhaps the most interesting is that Amazon will allow you to offer “Premium” services to users who have it: fast and cheap shipments.

When you receive an order, it will be the giant himself who will pick it up in your store, pack it, ship it and take care of the customer service throughout the delivery.

This point seems very interesting to me since having a good strategy of shipping costs and the selection of the shipping company in your online store, is a subject that deserves special importance. The fact that Amazon frees you from this task is a less headache.

It’s time to integrate your Amazon online store

Magento: the possibilities of M2E Pro

M2E is a tremendously interesting Magento plugin. It allows you to synchronize the information of the two stores and automatically withdraw an Amazon product if you run out of stock in Magento, but also set information and different prices in case you need it.

Cancel or refund orders or even the possibility of creating tax profiles for your Magento store from Amazon, something tremendously useful if you are going to sell in more than one country. M2E / Amazon App

I hope that this entry about integrating your online store in Amazon will serve you to see the enormous possibilities that these stores have and the gigantic potential of linking them to Amazon.