What is blogging?

Do you know what blogging is? In today’s article I will explain its meaning and everything that encompasses it.

I will try to explain everything that includes blogging with the best possible information so that you can understand it perfectly.

Origins of blogging

Years ago, only Internet users had access to web pages: those sites on the network with a single page and where you could only access specific information. The problem of that time is that it was not used to update the exposed information and in the end it did not add value to the users because after all they always found the same everywhere. In addition, this system was very boring and it was only a matter of time when ‘something new’ was done on the network to create innovation.

And finally, it happened; with the arrival of the blogs there was an incredible revolution in the internet, although in its beginnings they had nothing to do with what they are now.

However, in the beginning, it was not necessary to pay money to have a blog, not even for the purchase of templates because they could be installed totally free. Thanks to this, platforms such as Blogger, one of the most relevant in the world for a few years, were in great demand in the creation of blogs because, apparently, everyone liked having one, at least they could have their own voice on the internet. But in addition, the idea was very attractive because the creation of a blog was very simple, in less than 3 clicks they already had a set.

This is undoubtedly what caused a revolution in the internet, because anyone could access a blog without it being necessary for them to have high knowledge about the creation of blogs.

Today is one of the most used formats both personal and corporate to attract audience and be referents in the network.

Thanks to this short summary, you can understand a bit better the meaning of blogging and now you will know other interesting things.

So what is blogging?

It is the abbreviation of weblog, it is a personal diary where the author tells his experiences, what he feels, what he aspires and what he intends to do in the future with the intention that other people can read and follow him. In addition, one of the advantages of blogs that do not have web pages is that they are updated more often, the content is fresher and therefore is better indexed in the search engines. In summary: it is easier to do SEO with a blog than with a website.

But we can give another definition to blogging: we could also say that it’s about making storytelling in a blog; is when the blogger speaks from his human side, making people who are reading the content empathize much more with the author.

The blog author, through his own experience and telling a story, tries to help others with the knowledge he has acquired over time. In addition, this type of content is much more interesting for readers.

Can you make money blogging?

If I rely on the last definition that I have told you, of course you can make money by blogging. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways of the moment for this to happen, regardless of whether it is a personal or corporate blog.

For example, many companies do storytelling so that potential future customers feel identified with the brand that, in turn, helps them to have the final decision in making the purchase or contracting a service.

Personal blogs are no exception: many bloggers are making money using this strategy. This is because they build loyalty and create strong ties with their audience that helps them live from their internet space.

In the case you do not want to make money blogging nothing happens, there are many people who only seek recognition without further pretensions, but I must explain all possible parameters so that you at least know them.

How to practice Blogging effectively?

It is useless to practice blogging if there is no one behind the screen that is reading you. To give an example, it is as if you were in high mountain and very loud; Surely you can echo, but that echo will stay in the drift of nothing and therefore your message will be in a vacuum, without any repercussion.

For this, you will need to do some things that will help you practice blogging effectively.

If you want your blog to be read, you must provide quality content for your readers. It is preferable that you make less amount of posts if you consider that you will not be up to the circumstances. Also when I refer to the quality of a content is that you must avoid spelling mistakes at all costs, that your posts are very visual and above all that they are original.

Avoid plagiarism because, apart from that you can face legal actions, Google will penalize you sooner or later, and that means you will never have visibility in your search engine.

Comment on other blogs

Comment in other blogs will be a great help for people who interact in the network to begin to know you. The process is very slow. You draw attention and you will begin to receive visits to your site, with the possibility of joining your community, becoming subscribers and increasing your impact.

It is highly recommended that, at least, most blogs where you participate are from your sector, so your blogging strategy will be more effective and with greater benefits.

Interact on social networks

If you do not interact in social networks, let me tell you that you will never be able to practice blogging properly. Basically because these portals are one of the fastest and most effective formats to begin to have an impact on the network. If we add this with the different participations that you make in other blogs, your popularity will grow practically without you noticing. Of course, you must have patience, since you will need many followers to make your content more visible.

In addition, social networks will help you practice SEO and not depend so much on the organic traffic of search engines.

Participate in forums

Participating in forums is also a great alternative to attract new readers to your blog and will also reinforce the blogging strategy you are using. There are many forums that you can get involved with and with very different themes, with which you will surely find the ideal for your sector.

There are other very interesting forums in the online marketing sector, from which you can also take advantage of knowledge and services from other people in your sector.

Study, compare and test

If you want to make a difference in your sector, you will have no choice but to study. Times change and trends too. Also, if you want to be up to the best you must be the best, and believe me, it is not easy; There are many cracks out there willing to be above you in search engines. And if you want to be there, you should study SEO, know how to attract readers, how to write for them while still being you and of course you should compare the strategies that others use with yours and try. Only in that way will you find your magic formula, what works for you. Of course, you must be willing to make mistakes again and again, because that is what will happen to you, it is inevitable.