SEO: Improve the Readability of the Texts of Your Blog with YOAST

The concept of readability refers to the ease of reading and understanding a writing according to several aspects, from the typography used to the visual design and the degree of difficulty of the words chosen.

If you want to improve the readability of the texts of a WordPress blog you can take advantage of the Yoast plugin. In its free version includes content analysis and recommendations for optimization.

Improve the readability of your website texts

Yoast searches for a “holistic SEO”, a guide for the construction of optimized page for Google.

According to its own algorithm, it gives an internal score based on the analysis of multiple factors, the results of which are simplified by means of the classic color semaphore.

The main ones go through the selection of keyword, titles and subtitles, images, meta description… but it is not entirely clear if the type of reading is a categorical classification factor in the Google algorithm. Now, from the holistic SEO perspective, yes, it is.

A difficult reading text favors the abandonment of the site and the search for information in another place, the bounce rate goes up and the general score awarded by the search engine decreases.

The Yoast plugin analyzes the texts also from the perspective of readability, a useful tool that guides towards a plain drafting style adapted to a user who decides in a few seconds if he / she will read the whole article.

Web users “scan” before reading, so the design of the writing becomes (almost) as important as the content, a barrier that invites or not to read.

What YOAST measures to improve the readability of texts

The readability analysis tool informs about compliance with requirements such as:

  • Extent of the paragraphs
  • Subtitle
  • Transition words
  • Passive voice

This information is complementary to the one that this tool has already accustomed us to.

Yoast helps meet basic concepts:

  • Keyword selection
  • Inclusion in title, subtitles and text
  • Writing meta-description
  • Include images with the alt attribute
  • Include internal and external links
  • Exceed a minimum of 300 words at the entrance

Yoast is a great natural positioning improvement assistant that is updated frequently and adapts to the latest versions of Google.

When writing to your blog, look for ways to increase the reading experience.

It considers:

  • Difficult words: replace the bombastic terms with flat expressions. The complex vocabulary generates rejection if it is for a general consumption.
  • Selected font: typography is important in the concept of readability. Consider in addition to the chosen type, size, color and contrast with the background.
  • Extent of paragraphs: the short paragraphs facilitate the reading and the initial “scanning” of the visitor. Recommended about 65 characters per line (in mobile from 35 to 50)
  • Margins: the layout of the spaces between the elements that make up the page can affect the readability of the text.

Yoast will help you improve readability. Little by little you will get used to applying these recommendations in a natural way, but when evaluating a text do not forget that the “how” you write it will not substitute in your reader the “what” you are saying. Find the balance between the background and the form, between what you want to say and how you say it.