Generate Sensations and Make Them Remember you with Content Awareness

Getting a customer to know our brand is a fundamental element in marketing.

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Getting a customer to know our brand is a fundamental element in marketing. If you are aware that we exist, you remember us and we have achieved that our logo and name transmits trust, it is easier, not only that you buy us, but also that you look for us to buy again. That’s why today I want to explain what awareness content is.

Although not all customers follow the same path, usually the process in which a person establishes his relationship with the brand follows the following stages:

  • Visibility: when the client can locate you.
  • Awareness (knowledge): when the customer recognizes and remembers your brand.
  • Engagement (commitment): when points of union between brand and client are generated.
  • Branding: when you generate trust in the client.
  • Leads (contact): when the client registers and provides a contact information.
  • Performance (action): when the client performs an action such as purchase or contracting.

The contents awareness, or awareness marketing, are those that have as objective that the brand, logo, showcase or any element of the brand is recognized and remembered, as well as the business behind it. It is a stage in which we must awaken the interest of the potential client, and the content strategy plays a fundamental role.

Awareness content strategies

Aspirational videos

Video is one of the most effective tools we have available. In this phase of relationship with the potential client we must appeal to the feelings and their aspirations. It is a point where you may not need us or nothing to differentiate us of all the alternatives that the market can offer you. Therefore, a video in which we show how our product or service can change you and make your life easier, appealing to your desire for experience, can be a great option at this point.

Social networks

Social networks not only serve as a great channel to distribute our content, they also allow us to have a conversation with him, know what he wants, opinion about our product or service, get feedback on how to improve his experience. In other words, converse with your audience. With ingenuity and a good strategy we can achieve that our brand is remembered. In fact, if you do not manage to redirect traffic to your website, nothing happens either, remember that this is not yet the objective of this phase.


At this time the influencers are one of the best ways to reach your audience and publicize your brand, but beware, it is not worth any way. It is very tempting to pay someone to dedicate an entire video to your product, but it may not be the best way to do it: it will be obvious that it is paid advertising and can generate rejection, something that can also be turned against the influencer. It is much better to ask him to make casual mentions or to be seen using it naturally. That is the best way to establish a link with your potential client.


A good advertisement in the old way is not something we can discard no matter how much the digital ecosystem allows us. We have already talked a lot about Facebook Ads and Google Adwords and the enormous potential they have to reach a very specific audience. It is something that can serve us at any stage, and at the time of launching awareness content it was not going to be different. At this point, possibly the most useful is Facebook, being able to use the great audience segmentation to reach the people that interest you, not only by getting them your product, but also the contents of your blog to attract them, even if they are not yet interested. in your product, creating that aspirational image of which we spoke before.

I hope this post has helped you to know a little better what the awareness content is.