What is an Infoproduct?

An infoproduct is a training product that is distributed through the internet. In other words, it is a small product (ebook, course…) based on the experience of a professional destined to help his buyer.

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I will explain what is an infoproduct, what are its advantages and what types of infoproducts can be created today. I assure you that when you finish reading the article you will stop thinking that on the internet you can only make money by offering services or advertising.

What is an infoproduct

An infoproduct, as its name suggests, is a training product that is distributed through the internet. In other words, it is a small product (ebook, course…) based on the experience of a professional destined to help his buyer.

It might seem very common, so far. You could think that it is a product without more. But this is not the case, since infoproducts are very specific products. And when I say “specific” I mean that, on some occasions, they are aimed at very small audiences.

In addition, these products are not distributed physically. There are no shipments, no face-to-face lessons. Everything is digital and distributed through platforms that automate the process.

A WordPress course, a guide to learn how to manage your time effectively, an ebook talking about how to write an ebook, a small guide to launch an inbound marketing campaign … All of them are infoproducts.

Advantages of the infoproducts

You can already imagine the advantages of creating an infoproduct, right? They are summarized in the following :

  1. Distribution free: the price difference between distributing a product by regular mail or giving face-to-face training with using a closed platform to create a course or send an electronic ebook is very large. Except for the cost of the software you use to carry out this process, the rest will be 100% free.
  2. Easy to create: an infoproduct can be a 50-page ebook or a course with 10 videos of 15 minutes. And that can happen in a matter of weeks or even, if you intend, in days.
  3. Passive income: the infoproduct is created and, after doing so, you just have to give it support and promotion. Unless you do a reissue, your work is over once you create it. You could be sitting on your couch doing nothing and the infoproducto would continue selling and distributing itself.

Right away, you could have an infoproduct created for your blog. And you can choose your price, your distribution channels and everything you want about it. By dispensing with logistics you have total power over what you have created, unless you use affiliate marketing.

Examples of infoproducts

Theory is good, but which infoproduct can be created? Which are the most popular today on the internet? I leave you a small list with some of them:

  • Ebooks: the most popular and known of all. You can create an ebook that collects the knowledge that you have captured in your last 100 posts, publish it on Amazon and start generating income in a matter of days.
  • Online courses: you create a platform for your course (for example with MemberPress), you record the videos of the lessons, you add a forum for questions and additional documents, and that’s it! It sounds easy, but this takes a lot more time than writing an ebook. In addition, it is not 100% passive, since normally it is necessary to give support.
  • Webinars: if you pay to go to in-person events to see papers, why will not you pay to see papers from home? In fact, there are many events that already offer online payment streaming.

In any sector or niche it fits to create some of these infoproducts. It does not matter if you dedicate yourself to marketing or dedicate yourself to finances. Whatever your sector, there is room for your own infoproduct.