Content Mapping: What Is It?

Within an effective content strategy that aims to capture new business opportunities (leads), in addition to running an active blog with a frequency of publication of articles at least 1 or 2 times a week, it is necessary that you develop high-value downloadable content for your audience.

Downloadable content are pieces of information that will require you to spend more time to produce than an article for a blog.

Since they require a greater investment of time and will also define you as an expert in front of your audience (quality is essential), choosing the appropriate content is essential.

What is content mapping?

A content map is a graphic representation of the specific contents that you must create for each of your buyers and for the different stages of their own purchase cycle.

Therefore before you can do the content mapping of your business you should know:

  1. Who are your Buyer People and define them – you must be clear about the audience you want to capture and how you can classify it.
  2. What are the stages of the purchase cycle of your buyers.

According to the company Marketing Sherpa:

82% of users say: content specifically dedicated to your industry is more valuable.
67% of users affirm: contents dedicated specifically to their work role are more valuable.

What is the content mapping objective?

The reason behind doing a content mapping exercise is to start doing lead nurturing campaigns.

You can create several emailing sequences for each of your buyer people, who accompany them throughout their purchase cycle until they are ready for the time of purchase or contracting.

The email marketing sequences that are handled in the lead nurturing campaigns allow you to automate the lead heating processes (acceleration of the purchase cycle) and thus, end up having a series of contacts that are very prepared for you to contact them for a new sale.