How to Discover Your Passion

One of the first ideas for articles that came to my mind when I started the blog is to write about how to discover your passion in life, something very important to create a blog to which you will dedicate many hours.

Discovering your passion and finding your vocation in life is something that we all have considered once in our lives.

And, although I have a different opinion to what they usually teach us, I think studying and working on what you’re passionate about is the best thing that can happen to you.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, has a passion.

A different thing is that we have discovered it. Do not worry if you have not done it yet, because it takes time.

At school, we are not empowered in what we are really good at. Until you have to choose a career to have a profession and many young people have no idea about what to study or what they will do in the future.

Maybe some questions will help you and others will not. But what it is about is giving you tools to know yourself and see what it is that you really like.

Take paper and pencil; Answer each question and draw your own conclusions.

  • How would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
  • Do you really want to spend the rest of your life doing what you do?
  • Are you the owner of your life or are you just getting carried away?
  • If you were rich, what would you do simply because you like it, without expecting anything in return? Think of something that you are passionate about, that brings you well-being, motivates you and makes you feel fulfilled.
  • Analyze your life since childhood: What things are those that you have always liked or have always done?
  • Ask your family and friends: What activities do you do better than average? It is difficult to self-inspect but many times we do things that many people find difficult and we do not see it because we have normalized it in our life. It is a good way to discover your talents.
  • When we are more excited about something, time passes very quickly. So, what activities or hobbies do you have that make you spend your time flying?
  • Imagine that you can only do one activity to make it your way of life for the rest of your life, whatever it is: Which one would you choose?
  • What movies, series, documentaries and books are you most passionate about and read and never get bored?
  • Who are your references? Those people you admire? Why?
  • If you traveled in time, would you change what you have done? Would you choose the same things in your life again?
  • What things do you do that trigger your imagination and excite you? What situations let you flow creativity?
  • What makes you sleepy or makes you nervous? Has it ever happened to you that you can not sleep because the next day something is going to happen that makes you very excited and generates nerves? Think of those situations and activities that make your heart beat harder and generate that feeling of nervousness mixed with enthusiasm and desire.

A few questions are not enough to know what your passion is.

I am sure that you have drawn some conclusion from all these questions. You may not be clear if some is your passion but at least you have been able to conclude which things you like the most and give you the best.

Therefore, if you are at this point you should consider this:

What is passion really?
How to discover your passion?

1. What is passion?

Question number 1 can be drawn from the 13 questions I proposed before. But this is where I have a different opinion from the rest: many times you do not know what your passion is because you have not met it yet.

And let me get ahead of you: you will never run into it if you just wait for the passion to reach you.

It is often said that your true passion is something that you have always done and that has excited you.

So many times we are even told that passion comes only when you do something and a “click” inside you says: “This is what I want to spend the rest of my life.” From that moment your life will be resolved, you will know what to do and you will never have problems or laziness, because it is YOUR PASSION.

The reality is different: this is not the case, or at least it is not so for the majority of society.

From my point of view passion is not that magic that comes to you at some point in your life that opens all the doors and solves all your worries.

Passion is that activity that you like, that you are good at, that recognize you for what you do and that you love doing. That activity that you do not feel lazy when you wake up in the morning, that you are going to do it with enthusiasm.

From the point of view of making your passion your way of life, it is simply that work where you feel comfortable, you do it well and you recognize it, and you are happy to do it. I think this is a much more realistic vision of what passion is and just as exciting.

“Working hard for something that does not interest us is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion. “

If you only dedicate yourself to find the “magic” passion that they tell us we have and that will solve everything, you will miss many opportunities to be passionate and happy.

It simply may not have reached something exciting to your life because you have not taken action.

2. How to discover your passion?

Question number 2 can be answered in two ways: self-reflecting and knowing yourself more (hence, giving you the 13 questions) and taking action.

And this is the last thing I want to focus on.

I had always thought that the best way to discover your passion is by looking inwards, inspecting oneself until that light comes on and says “Finally! This is my passion. This is what I have to dedicate myself to. ” But it can be an illusion. Because then you put it into practice and it turns out that you see that you are not passionate as you expected.

Conclusions on how to discover your passion

The conclusion that is drawn from all this is that the best way to know what your passion is is to take action.

If you sit at home doing the same thing always, it is difficult to find out your passion or passions.

‘The vocation is not created, the vocation is built’.

If you doubt if something is your passion you just have to get going. Take action and test if it’s your passion. It is the best way to give yourself the self-knowledge that you will not be given the 13 questions that I asked you.

Realistically, waiting to know what your passion with a few questions is a mistake for many (it is clear that many others have it clearer since always). Determine that something is your passion before studying it, of getting fully into your world by taking action, it will cause you frustrations and lose other things that could be more exciting.

Many times passion is not something exciting that you always know or that comes to you by magic.

If you have been reflecting for a long time and searching within yourself for your vocation, take the next step and take action so that you do not lose time searching and searching.

Start walking, get to know yourself, discover new ideas, do those things that you like. With this you will not only know yourself better, but you will discover that there are many things that you thought you only liked, but that you really love.

“Your job is to discover your work and then surrender to it with all your heart.”

By Buddha.

If you still wonder how to discover your passion you have to take action. So if you’re not sure where to go, creating a free blog can be your solution.

I’m not saying that you abandon what you already have if you’re not sure, but nowadays the internet allows you to start your passion, take action. Also, thanks to the internet, you can generate extra income and even live off your passion.